These Jem Wolfie Nude Pics Will Make You Cream Your Pants

Jem Wolfie is an Australian blonde babe who’s become one of the most famous social media stars on earth. She has so many titles — Instagram star, Businesswoman, Athlete, Chef, Trainer, and Fitness Model — that it’s hard to imagine how she juggles everything and looks fabulous while she’s at it.

And boy, does she look delicious. This is one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. And judging by her follower count and net worth, many people all over the world agree.

Lucky for us, Jem is not shy about showing skin. This busty blonde hoe has tons of private porn videos and nude pics. Got no money? Too bad because a lot of her nude stuff is behind a paywall at OnlyFans.

But because I hate blue balls as much as the next guy, I’ve collected some of the best Jem Wolfie nudes available online! Huge tits, curvy ass, and a model’s face — get ready for a pretty painful hard-on as all the blood comes rushing to your dick with the sexiest Jem Wolfie photos below!

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Jem Wolfie Sexy Photos

Jem Wolfie’s net worth is an eye-watering is $1.6 million. Best of all, she doesn’t have to stay stuck in an office and sit on that terrific ass to do it. Jem’s major source of her money is through being a social media star and model. That’s right — people pay her because she’s beautiful. I mean look at that bulging cleavage and figure. I want to wire all my money to her right now!

In hard numbers, Jem has around 10, 000 fans on OnlyFans alone. Each of those pay a minimum of $15 a month to view her exclusive content. Imagine being paid just so people can check you out. But that ass is worth it.

More than 2.7 million follow Jem Wolfie on Instagram. I bet most of those have busted a nut to her pictures like this. (There’s a nipple peeking out, and those tits look RIPE. I’m stiff already.)

Through Instagram alone, she makes bank with each post. She can make up to $8,000 PER ONE POST ALONE. On OnlyFans, she can earn $30,000 A DAY just by posting her videos and pictures. To date, Jem Wolfie has earned around $200,000 from OnlyFans. I’m not even sure I have $2 in my account. But I do have something in my pocket, and that bulge is not a banana.

Prior to being a paid babe, Jem was a professional. Yep, as if she wasn’t perfect enough, Jem is a fantastic cook. She used to work around 70 hours a week as a professional chef. Eventually, she set up her own business called “Good Eats.” Good Eats was a food marketing hub that promoted healthy eating.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’d love to eat her food, but I’d rather those gigantic melons and her tight pussy in my mouth.

In 2015, Jem Wolfie became the only sponsored athlete by fitness company Fat Burners. She never had to apply – she was approached by Fat Burners through social media. She’s been cashing out ever since.

Now on to some stats. How do you think that perfect figure measures? Well, she’s 5 feet 7 inches. She maintains her weight at a sweet 62kg. She’s a natural brunette, matched with hazel eyes.

I’d give my next paycheck to be the one who unties that skimpy bikini! Her bra size, by the way, is 34D. Show size is US 7 if that’s something you’re into.

As for standard body measurements, she’s 40-26-42. That hourglass appearance has some hard data behind it, and I also have something hard in pants right now.

Thought you horndogs would find this photo nice. Jem Wolfie used to play basketball and was also a professional athlete. Aside from Fat Burners, she was also a sponsored athlete by Happy Way and Bang Energy.

Unfortunately, her athletic career was cut short due to a knee injury, and she became a personal trainer instead.

It’s rare to meet a girl who can play ball, and play it well at that! After sweating it out on the courts, it’s time to sweat it out in bed. Jem Wolfie can play with my balls anytime.

Real Jem Wolfie Butt Pics

According to OnlyFans founder and CEO Tim Stokely, Jem is the biggest star on OnlyFans. That’s astounding given that she only joined inAugust 2018.

Aside from her stunning face, Jem Wolfie also got popular due to her workouts, which she loved to do wearing revealing clothes and bikinis. Let’s call this one the “Anal Stretch” exercise.

Jem Wolfie isn’t just another social media star. Even Kanye West’s record label got on the Jem bandwagon and paid her to do sponsored posts. I wonder if Nike paid her for this photo as well. Looking at that bubble but resting on these kicks makes me want to buy those shoes. If it’s good enough for Wolfie, it’s good enough for me!

Being famous is not always smooth waters. Jem Wolfie also has her fair share of haters. In an interview with an online site, she said: “It can be exhausting to have negativity constantly shoved down your throat every day.” Must be pretty tough. If she gets tired of all that attention, I’ve got something better here I can shove deep down her throat.

It’s all in the family! Jem Wolfie’s mother was a fellow fitness fanatic, and she was the one who got Jem into fitness.

That butt must’ve have taken a lot of work!

Jem Wolfie masturbating and having a finger up her pussy is breathing life into my cock.

I’d sell my left kidney to be able to bend her over and fuck her like a jackhammer from behind!

Want a rimjob, Jem?

I feel kinda dirty right now. Maybe I should step in that shower.

Jem Wolfie Nude Photos

For someone who makes money off her nudes, Jem Wolfie is a bit of a tease, isn’t she? But yeah, those tits are a gift to mankind!

Now we’re talking. Those are certified melons, and the perfect canvas for a fat cumshot.

What a babe! I’m not sure if she had some work done for those hooters, because they don’t look like gravity affects them at all. They’re massive, but they’re firm and perky. Bet they bounce like crazy every time Jem Wolfie gets a good pounding.


In my dreams, that pillow is my face.

Hairless pussies never looked so good.

Certified goddess!

My Final Thoughts

Not sure what to say anymore because I’m positively ready to explode from all those hot Jem Wolfie nude photos. If you want to check another cutie with a banging body, these Ashe Maree nude photos will scratch that itch.

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