Reviews of the best sex games

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Image of Sexemulator game


  • Enjoy premium toon videos
  • Graphics look nice
  • Get thousands of amazing cartoon porn videos
  • Addictive game
5 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Ms. PacWhore game

Ms. PacWhore

  • Amazing porn video game parody
  • Relive a great classic
  • Can play it anywhere
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Spidey Web Bang game

Spidey Web Bang

  • Saving girls and fucking them is fun!
  • Very good graphics for a porn video game
  • Hilarious porn game parody
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Superpimp Sweepup game

Superpimp Sweepup

  • Very fun gameplay
  • Graphics look nice
  • Many hot naked babes waiting to get fucked!
  • Addictive game
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Strip Poker game

Strip Poker

  • Fun, challenging gameplay
  • Tits and Poker!
  • Very sexy babes
  • Addictive game
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Raging Green Destroyer game

Raging Green Destroyer

  • Amazing graphics
  • Destroying stuff is fun
  • The girls are beautiful and sexy
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Grand Fuck Auto game

Grand Fuck Auto

  • One of the best porn game parodies ever created!
  • Strip clubs are always cool
  • Tons of strippers and prostitutes to choose from
  • Exciting action
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating

Image of Call of Booty game

Call of Booty

  • Great first-person shooter
  • Hot toon babes
  • Comical dialogues
  • Non-stop action
4 stars ranting for this game

Star Rating gives you a plethora of great sex games all over the internet to enjoy. IT’s dedicated to give you a different way of enjoying your favorite porn scenes. Consider it a new adventure as you get involved in all the action in an interactive way. Expect your mind to be working as much as your hands are.

It’s no longer you and your computer screen bonding for hours until each content is no longer thrilling. It’s time you get another fun way to approach the best adult entertainment there is out there. That means playing yourself as you go through storylines of action and adventure, fantasies, sometimes some brain teasers like puzzles and quizzes. As long as it’s an adult game, they all have the same purpose.

Games may have objectives and rules but when it comes to your favorite sex games, it’s all your kinky mind that’s in charge. Choosing a sex game is just like choosing a porno. You select a type of game and a certain genre. You can even enjoy a parody of your favorite real-life or fictional character in a video game setting.

It’s time we make some reviews of these games to see which one is certainly the best sex game of 2020. It’s a really competitive list as each one has a claim to being most competitive. How many times will you blow your load before finishing the game? We put that into consideration.

Most are parodies but there’s also a fair share of 3D and hentai porn games. What’s certain is there is a lot of hardcore and BDSM involved in these sex scenes. Left hand jerking and right hand clicking with some tissue on front as you horny gamers see why we grade the games as such.

Whether it’s a downloadable game or simply on your web browser, the important thing is the best adult games should exhibit a realistic and interactive experience. Enough of the lengthy intro as it’s time for to drop the verdict.