Stay Up to Date in the Adult Gaming

Are you tired of watching your daily porn fix?

Well, maybe it’s time to take your solitary experience to the next level. 

Why don’t you try the world of adult sex games? 

If you haven’t tried it before, then maybe you can check it out now. 

Aside from giving you a nice, hard erection, you can also enjoy watching every action in the game. 

But wait, don’t go looking for sex games yet. It’s better if you first learn the latest adult games on the Web.

With that said, we have here adult gaming sites that you can give a try this 2020.

1. 3D SexVilla 2

This is already the second version of 3D SexVilla which means that 3D SexVilla 1 was successful. 

The team behind this adult game took their time in putting even the minute details that’d make your gaming experience better. In fact, the game can even allow you to control a lot of things. 

However, take note that the game works through sex coins that can be earned through completing various sexual tasks. It’s either you give the ladies an orgasm or you finish certain quests. 

Coins can be spent on customization of things in the game or purchasing new locations and sex toys. 

It offers three various modes with unique benefits – two are action-packed while the other one is storyline-focused.

2. NarcosXXX

The best thing about NarcosXXX is you can enjoy the game without installing third-party plugins. 

You can control the game by using basic controls – right and left clicks on your mouse. There are even keyboard controls – R for reload and G for the grenade. 

The goal of the game is you have to kill all of your enemies to save the damsel in distress. 

If you succeed in saving the lady, the sizzling sex will begin. 

You can have some bedroom fun with your babe by moving your mouse left and right. If you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, you can just swipe it in the same manner. 

Once you’re a member of NarcosXXX, you can get access to adult DVDs and more than 200 games. There are even bonus features and the graphics are in HD!

3. Assassin’s Seed Orgies

This game doesn’t need too many presentations. It is actually based on the popular series called Assassin’s Creed. 

However, the action is way different!

While you can recognize a few characters and scenes, the Assassin’s Seed Orgies will offer you a different kind of action. Well, you know what we mean – the kinky action!

You can pick your character, choose a position and even decide on when to finish. 

The storyline is basic and you can even get rid of it when you want to. Assasin’s Seed Orgies team understands that some people are just not into details because the action is definitely more thrilling. 

The registration process is straightforward and the graphics have an undeniable wow factor!

The people behind this 3D game ensure that they work on small details and facial gestures. 

Are you looking for an action-packed game? What we mean is literal action. 

Maybe it’s better if you find a different game because this can’t offer you much aside from the lusty fun. 

4. XXXCharted

XXXCharted is based on Uncharted. It can be played on different devices like on your Android or iOS phone or your computer. 

It has great graphics and it can be one of the most awesome porn games ever created!

The bodies of the characters are looking perfect, the lighting is very realistic, and the shadows are great. 

Are you not interested in understanding the game’s storyline? 

Don’t worry because XXXCharted has an option where you can disable the story mode. It means that you can go straight into your favorite part. 

What makes it great is it allows you to play the game hands-free. Sit back and relax while watching all the scenes unfold. 

There is not much to control in this game and the final product is quite irrelevant. If you want to change something in the game, following a certain pattern would be necessary. 

However, you can switch cams which are really great when you love enjoying different POVs. Aside from that, XXXCharted can provide you with free videos. 

Take your pick from the adult gaming sites and enjoy each session full of steamy action scenes! If you want, you can even try them all. Who said that you can’t play a game while playing with yourself? 

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