NarcosXXX Game Review — Our Take on Cartel Based Adult Game

Watching porn is fun but sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes you just need something more engaging to turn you on. Cam shows are amazing but sometimes that’s not what you need. What you need is to play an amazing erotic game that will leave you wanting more. That game is NarcosXXX.

About NarcosXXX Game

This game has not been in the market for long but it is already one of the most recommended. That is of course because of a good reason. NarcosXXX is a game set in the world of Don Pablo Escobar. If you have watched the Netflix series, Narcos then you can guess what to expect.

What is even better is the game offers an even better storyline of this legendary drug dealer. It is a role-playing game where you can choose to be either the police or a member of the Medellin cartel. Well, most people choose the latter as it is more fun. You are to rise through ranks and in the process fuck as many hoes as possible.

The environment of the game keeps on changing as you move up the levels. From the brothels to the prison. Throughout the game, you are supposed to avoid being caught if you are a member of the cartel. It is not easy as many sex games but it is one of the most fun. It is an engaging game that will leave you glued.

The graphics of the game are something to talk about. They are so amazing you will think you are playing a game on PlayStation. The women are so real. No matter how it’s to get you hard, these hoes will do you the honors. The sex is so real and since you are in control, more fun. It also has enough violence. This game is the real deal guys!

Getting Started on NarcosXXX

The game may be challenging but it doesn’t mean it is impossible to play. It is so much fun to play. The first decision you need to make is the side you want to fight for. Most choose the cartel but you can choose the police. Either way, you will still get to fuck some amazing women.

The next step is choosing the gender. After that, you can choose the hardcore style you like the most. The options are soft, shocking, and hard. Verify your age using the details of your debit/credit card and you are good to go.

The game is now ready for you. You will be provided with a character to customize him/her exactly the way you want. Navigating through it is quite easy as it has a clink and point functionality. The environments are also interactive with some highlighting tools. Whichever side you choose you can be sure you will be amazed.

NarcosXXX Users

Well, currently the game has more than 1.5 million users every month. Most of them are from the States but it also a huge fan base in Europe. Some of the other top users include Germany, Brazil, and India. This does not mean that the game can be played by only citizens of the four countries. It is accessible in almost every corner of the world!

Cost of Playing

You don’t expect such an amazing game to be free, do you? It is not free but you get a 2-day free trial to decide if it is worth it or not. If you don’t cancel the trial within two days then it will be treated as your subscription. Don’t be scared though, the monthly subscription is quite affordable. You will be required to pay just 39.94 dollars a month.

With a premium account, you get to access the game and thousands of HD porn. You also get a free webcam account. There are no hidden fees, once you pay the monthly subscription that’s it. Seriously, what is $39.94 with everything they have to offer?

Pros of NarcosXXX

  • Amazing gameplay that you can’t find on just another game.
  • You get access to HD porn
  • There are more XXX games to enjoy if you have a premium membership.
  • Daily updates to ensure the customers get the best out of the site.
  • You get access to all the other sites linked to the NarcosXXX website.


  • The trial is only for two days. From there you have to pay the subscription to enjoy their services.


There is no doubt that NarcosXXX is worth your consideration. By becoming a member, you get so much more than just the game. The game is also fun to play with some amazing graphics. Such games are very expensive to play but this one is quite affordable. It is a game we recommend to all porn game lovers.

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