The Top 5 Sex Games to Enjoy

Are you looking for more enjoyable sex games to entertain yourself? No need to hop from one website to another and waste your time on some things that will not give you the result that you are looking for.

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are our best pick for the top 5 sex games!

1)    SexEmulator

Many are raving about this sex game. Well, for one thing, while it is no doubt a straight on the porn-related game, it’s not just all about it. What I mean by that is that this game will also be useful when it comes to educating people in terms of sex. But overall, SexEmulator possesses some of the most awesome 3D characters. Yes, one of the major reasons for this is that you will be enthralled by the size of Anna’s boobs. Not only will she be your FUBU (fuck buddy), but she will also guide you on how to navigate the world of pleasure-seeking and toe-curling sex. 

3D sex game

And don’t look now, but she is like a chameleon—because you can transform her race: from Asian, Black or White. And aside from that, you get to choose her physical attributes as well. Choose the size of her breasts—you can go from small, medium and big, of course. And it does not just stop there! You can even change her hair color from black, blond or redhead. Now, talk about satisfying one’s fetish!

2)    VR Fuck Dolls

Let me tell you that this one is absolutely not one of those typical porn sites you usually see. As a matter of fact, it is similar to a sex game website but just not the way you might perceive. And the moment you begin to play, you will start to realize the ‘feel’ of the VR Fuck Dolls concept. Actually, the thing is that you need to generate your own customized sex doll that you would later on have sex with as if there is no tomorrow! Your game starts when you choose all the different physical features you desire for your dream sex partner. This includes hair color, breast, and butt sizes as well as the kind of vacay you always fantasize about.

A word of warning though: since they are requesting for player’s age verification, you need to pay as soon as possible.

3)    Sexgangsters

This site gives a fantastic sexy game time for players. For the initial scene, you would be given a chance to have sex with an animated nurse, so you just have to do it! There are times that you may require some added things in order for you to complete the job, and you could purchase those items directly on the page or to the store. Just click the “buy” button and proceed. Then, you would be offered to place a bag on the nurse’s head simply because she’s fugly (ouch!) but she is more than willing to give you a mind-blowing blow job! Anyway, after that, you could head over to a pub and then masturbate to the sluts and prostitutes.

I tell you, once you begin this game be warned that it is going to be addictive. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to play Sexgangsters yet, because there is a short tutorial from the start.

4)    Redlightcenter

You won’t believe it when I tell you that Redlightcenter is one multiplayer online game that can give you a marvelous experience of a lifetime. In order for you to get the game going, simply sign up with your email and you will receive more instructions. And once you get that out of the way, now your genuine fun begins!

This is, in fact, a browser game with true users playing with one another. You would surely have a blast playing this since it’s a very interactive and intense game. Redlightcenter’s online world provides you with terrific HD graphics, seductive strippers, plenty of animations and so much more!

sex games

5)    Pussysaga

The theme of Pussysaga game boasts of both softcore and hardcore, and it depends on the storyline. You enjoy having sex with numerous gorgeous hentai girls as well as date them and give them presents. Yes, you would meet more than twenty fictional females that you’ll be happily undressing. For revealing all these opportunities, you need to play all kinds of games, more often than not with the matching of colors and shapes. This kind of game will keep you preoccupied especially for someone with lots of free time.

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