20+ Photos From Polly Rocket That’ll Convince Any Man That Big Boobs are Better than Small Ones


From time immemorial, men have always fallen for girls like Polly Rocket because of their big boobs. There are reasons for that. It’s not just because they look nice, apparently, but also because of so many other reasons you probably can’t even begin to imagine.

Sometimes, it’s even a deal-breaker for some men. Some guys won’t even give a girl the time of day if she’s flat up there. Common sense be damned! Through no fault of their own, women with small breasts suffer from this imbalance of attention.  It’s not like they got distracted from queueing for it when God decided to bless women with a large chest, you know?

Some small-breast proponent or supporter will tell you that your breast size does not define you, but really, even if it does, it’s not like everyone can just order a bigger sized boobs all on their own. Anyway, let me share a little secret with you, though small breasts have their own appeal and big boobs almost always guarantee that you are getting and keeping a man whenever they damn please, everything is not lost. After all, small-breasted women did get a friend in push-ups.

Anyway, so, let’s get back to guys and their apparent attraction to big boobs. Apparently, here’s the deal.

It grabs attention.

Regardless of how many times a man has seen a pair of nice, well-rounded boobies, whether fake or real, men won’t be able to keep themselves from staring. This is true, if by any chance, they see someone with at least a d-cup, in a crop top, a simple white lace bra, or in an even better option– a nice and sexy v-neck. He probably won’t just stare, then. He’ll probably even drool. LMFAO!

Take a look at this particular photo from Polly Rocket and see if it doesn’t demand attention with just its appearance.


So, in an attempt to figure out the appeal of the humongous boobs, I tapped into my resources – and by resources; I meant the endless stream of male friends slash drinking buddies I used to hang out with, and this is what they said:

They look nice.

Of course, they look nice. They are nice, or at the very least, they should be at least nice-looking for all the inconvenience they cause. Naturally, the men who think big boobs are “just” nice to look at can’t appreciate the struggles of girls with big boobs.

Just so you know, it doesn’t really have to cross your mind. But in case you want to know, I am putting it here anyway before getting into the other details of men’s almost obsessive love for big boobs.

The struggle of girls with big boobs:.

  • Big breasts come with boob sweat. And yes, boob sweat, it’s a thing.
  • Nip slips are highly likely when wearing swimsuits.
  • Running is a big no-no.
  • Back pain is horrible.
  • It’s almost always impossible to find your bra in the perfect size. It’s always going to be like a treasure hunt, or maybe like finding a real-life unicorn.
  • Forget about strapless bras in like forever.
  • Button-down shirts are simply impossible (The girls can’t be tamed and would end up peeking one way or another, right Polly?)

So guys, this is what it means to have big boobs, at least for the girls. It may be fun to you and all, but I guess it won’t hurt to show some appreciation next time. It would be nice if you can try to sympathize with the struggles too instead of merely appreciating how it feels.

But seriously, a breast the size of Polly’s would certainly feel amazing. Look!

Anyway, I know that the least of a man’s cares in this world is how a woman with big boobs feels and what her struggles are, so let’s move on.

Just to remind you, the first answer I got about why men like big boobs was, “They are nice.” Apparently, that is not all there is to it.

The boobs are an integral part of the feminine body, and that’s a fact. Well known to be a symbol of fertility and sexiness throughout the centuries, men, even from the beginning of time, have always been obsessed with boobs. Da Vinci drew about them. Men sang about them, drew them, and worshipped them, too. Emphasis on worship, men really did worship them. How do we know? There were small figures of women with big boobs and butts which were written about before, and according to it, men worshipped and prayed to these women centuries ago.

Big boobs indicate good health, apparently.

Biology and anatomy lessons should have told you that boobs, especially the big ones are mostly fat. To men, this is a sign of good health. Following this line of thought, it means that if a woman is eating right; she is healthy. Instinctively, they translate it to big boobs being a sign of good health, which is one of the most important things men look for in their women. After all, men are primal in nature and healthy women means, they can survive long enough to bear and raise children. The primal instinct of men naturally associate boobs to breastfeeding and child-rearing. So, the bigger they are, the better.


They are nice to touch.

Let’s face it. Big boobs are nice. Feeling it up is also a sensational experience, both for you and her. For a man, it is the enjoyable weight and feel while he is touching them, and for the girls, Polly Rocket included, well, I guess it’s impossible to say no to a sexual and passionate massage. After all, having the breast touched and massaged is sexually pleasurable and it’s a fact. Doing so triggers a part of the brain, like teasing the clit does, and it’s perfect for foreplay.


They look good in everything

Boobs are gorgeous, period. The same rings true for all profiles and regardless of outfit—in baggy clothes, in lingerie, naked, wet,covered with food—boobs, especially big ones, will always look great. If you don’t believe me, just look at Polly Rocket here.


They are fun to play with

If you have never tried it, you are probably missing half of your life. If you have, then you understand why the bigger the boobs are, the more fun they become. If you don’t really know what I mean, let me spell it out for you. Boob. Action. Are. Fun.

Men have always loved boob action—no, love may be a bit of an understatement. Men live for boob action. It’s probably the first, if not the only thing they think of whenever they see a girl with big boobs.

That is, maybe before they move on and start wondering how they would look naked.

They are bouncy

Anyway, playing with boobs is not only fun but also pleasurable. If you can’t paint a mental image, then just look at Polly Rocket here. Or you can also think of Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson – a gorgeous blonde in a red swimsuit with huge, bouncy boobs running to rescue a drowning person. I bet all you can remember is the boobs that bounces up and down.


They are great pillows or holders or whatever

Pretty much like the big bouncy butts, big breasts are soft, squishy, and snuggly. Like a pillow that fits your head (you decide which one) perfectly. This is perfect for trying any position, and believe me when I say that when you do, none of them will go wrong. Plus, on a more serious note, laying your head on a woman’s breast is so hot and intimate, it gives off a feeling of security that only mothers can provide. It can also hold stuff in place, much like the tight grip that Polly Rocket’s boobs here does. You can just imagine how it feels if you replace that bottle with your throbbing cock.

Double the fun!

One boob – fun, two boobs – a party! Look!


There are still have so many things to say about why busty girls are attractive to men. For some reason, men become as primitive and uncouth as a caveman whenever they see big boobs. Heck! Some even get tongue-tied at the sight of big bouncy bumpers in front of them.

So, to help them act like a civilized human when faced with awesome, bouncy tits, here are a few more things about women and big boobs:

Boobs are not the only part of the female body you can play with

Just because big boobs are so much fun doesn’t mean that girls with big boobs don’t have anything more to offer. So, if you are dating one, remember to acknowledge that big boobs are not the be-all and end-all of the fun. In fact, there are a lot more to explore, like big booties, during foreplay. You might be surprised at all the other things that you can enjoy when you do. Remember: there are other equally appealing body parts too, you know?

If you run out of ideas, try going south, explore the front and the back a little bit, and discover places that are also begging to be touched even more. The point is, don’t fixate on just the boobs, no matter how hot they are. Look here!


Big boobs can be fun and deadly at the same time

Look! Big boobs weigh a lot. So, imagine hitting it face first while running. I tell you, that will definitely hurt. You can count on pain for that.

It gets angry too, so you would want to be careful not to be trapped between them when they do. Believe me, it wont be so much fun.

So, take my word for it. Don’t make the ‘big boob’ angry because this normally  soft bundle of joy, can kill.


When they touch them themselves, it’s not what you think

Just as touching yourself doesn’t always mean that you are masturbating, a woman touching her boobs isn’t always sexual. But men usually sports a dirty mind, so they will probably automatically assume that it is a purely sexual way.  FYI, women also sometimes need to just adjust their boobs in a bra.

Talk about doing what a woman’s gotta do.


Big breasts are not always “gifts from God.”

A lot of people think that big boobs are like ‘gifts from God’. For the girls with big boobs, that is not always the case. Sometimes, especially when they are finding it hard to find clothes in their size, having big boobs can feel a lot like a curse.

Tears, and sometimes, self-deprecating thoughts, will come, and saying that they are nice just doesn’t cut it. Instead, prepare some other ways to lift her spirits when that moment comes.


You’re going to play with the bra

At some point, you’re going to use a bra as a hat. Don’t ask any questions, just know that you will.


There are good and bad days

On her good days, big breasts make a woman feel good, sexy, powerful, and pretty. Bad days, on the other hand will see her wanting to go for breast reduction process to get rid of the hideous feelings about being unattractive because of the oversized ‘girls’. Sometimes, having huge breasts feel embarrassing, and there are times when the look so saggy, she probably feels that she will soon be able to throw them over her shoulders.

These days come so, you’ll just have to deal with it and choose your words carefully when they do. You can basically do almost anything, just don’t try being a chauvinist pig when you start comforting her.


Shopping for lingerie is exclusively hers to do

Don’t bother trying to do it, regardless of what movies and romance novels say. You’ll get it wrong and then she’ll end up feeling awful. To avoid this situation, ust don’t bother with her underwear. If you really want to, take her shopping and let her buy them herself.

Besides, men never understand that there are different sizes in different shops and a size double D is not the same double D everywhere. So, take my word for it, don’t shop for lingerie at all.


Plan your activities with her wisely

If you’re planning a surprise for her, it’s all good. Just make sure you plan the activities well. By planning the activities, we mean avoiding trampolines on the beach, or anything that requires jumping, running, and shaking. You wouldn’t want her to say no, after all.


Get used to people staring

Like you, other men also completely go caveman and lose their minds while in the presence of big boobs. Naturally, they all drool at the sight so if you are dating a big-chested girl, you will just have to get used to the staring and drooling. Try not to kill anybody. After all, unnecessary outbursts of jealousy won’t get you extra points with your girl. You’ll avoid having her think of you the same way she thinks about everyone else who stare—a lusty idiot not worth her time.


Watch the boobs

Usually, friends of girls with big breasts make sure her boobs don’t pop out when they go clubbing. If you are dating one, then the job automatically goes to you. No words needed.

And believe me, they can slip right out, giving everyone else around her a pretty good time—you and her both excluded.

So, carry that burden responsibly.


Along with Polly Rockets, I tried to share the answers I found to the biggest mystery of big boobs: why men love them so much! I hope you enjoyed it as much as you did Polly’s pictures though.

If you are the rare type who likes smaller boobs, then check out these photos from our Cosplay Girl Chloe Noa instead.

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