5 Times Sweetie_Fox Cosplayed The Fuck Out


Sweetie_Fox likes playing characters. She’s barely legal and wants to call you her big brutal daddy whenever she feels like it.

This girl obviously likes experimenting when it comes to sex. She’s got a lot to offer for such a youngster. Maybe it comes with being Russian. We know how it goes in Eastern Europe.

Let’s shy away from the stereotypes though and focus more on Sweetie_Fox and her sexcapades in the world of cosplay porn. Over all her interesting hobbies, sex, and costumes seem to stand out a lot.

It also explains why she’s garnered hundreds of millions of views on PornHub alone. How much more all over the internet, right?

Now is the time we talk about the 5 Times Sweetie_Fox Cosplayed The Fuck Out!

Santa’s sexy elf Sweetie_Fox wants a gift too!

Santa’s elves are tasked to take care of his headquarters up in the north pole. They make the toys, schedule deliveries, even create the tags that touch the kids every 25th of December.

This one elf named Sweetie_Fox likes more than just her job stability in Santa’s factory. Apparently, living beings up in the north pole aren’t alike as well. It turns out, they are no different from us humans who have needs too.

Well, it sort of makes sense anyway since if animals and neanderthals who can’t think know a lot about sex, so should Santa’s intelligent elves. How else do you think Santa finds out who’s naughty or nice?

On to the video. Sweetie_Fox is one naughty elf because she wants more of a job out of Santa. Instead of getting toys, she chooses something less material in deepthroats and sex. It’s definitely more for memories than something material.

While the kids are busy playing with their toys, Santa and one of his horny elves are busy playing too. It’s like Santa doesn’t have time to rest on Christmas unless he fires this elf.

Well, doesn’t he deserve a reward from a loyal servant? After all, he’s been running what seems to be a charity enterprise all-year-round.

Teacher Sweetie_Fox gives you a lesson

Teachers are supposed to show a good example. They could be a hypocrite sometimes too. With all the clean image they show you they have, they actually have a dark side to them.

Cameron Diaz’s role in the movie Bad Teacher is a good example of how teachers really are when they aren’t in front of their students. They either drink, do recreational drugs, or even have a horny side.

Sweetie_Fox is quite realistic with her approach here as she shows us how teachers really are in real life. They are bad, really bad!

Mind you, there are a lot of teachers who fantasize about their students. Especially when they are left alone in a moment with a testosterone-filled jock.

It’s something you ought to do before you graduate from high school. Lucky you if Sweetie here is your teacher because you might get just that. Imagine all those after-school sessions with this woman leading you with some hanky panky behind the principal’s back? That’s something guys will surely dig.

Does Sweetie_Fox look like a teacher here? Well, her cosplay shows so because she’s that darn good playing roles! How we all wish she was our high school teacher. She’d definitely be the only one that turns fantasies into realities.

How about a horny schoolgirl instead?

We’ve seen Sweetie_Fox become a bad teacher. How about being a bad schoolgirl now? Well, you’re feeling lucky right now because you’re getting the best of two sides in school.

If a horny teacher attacks behind the principal’s back, horny students attack behind everybody else’s. Imagine the feeling of shame even if you are the coolest guy in school if you get caught having sex with a fellow student.

Cheerleaders often fall victims to this but for this specific video, we’re dealing with one of the nerdier students. You know the stereotype when a girl wears glasses.

Even nerds have a hornier side to them. Sweetie is a redhead here which means stereotypical nymph. Think of Michelle Flaherty in American Pie. She’s a band geek with a sex drive of the bitchiest cheerleader in school.

Fluff aside, you’ll see how versatile Sweetie is here. She was able to pull off being a teacher earlier and now, a student who sucks dick!

Imagine if she was your classmate and you keep ignoring her? Will you still do so if you see her giving head like this in a porn video? No guy would be a hypocrite and reject such advances.

Sweetie Venom

Venom usually tastes bitter but you might not live long enough to recognize its flavor though. It’s all an imagination.

But this time is different. You can call it bittersweet since it’s Sweetie_Fox cosplaying as the iconic Spiderman villain. While Venom was always out for revenge that’s why he was considered a viable host, you might want to trigger your inner vengeful soul to get hold of this sweet venom.

Sweetie here was able to pull off being Spiderman’s poisonous version despite sporting blonde hair and a white suit. You can obviously see that it’s her main objective to turn you on. She’s being creative with it too with that slit hole in between her legs.

You’ll know when cosplayers are down to fuck whenever they slit a hole in their spandex. If you spot one in a comic con or a cosplay event, never hesitate to hit on them because you’ll surely be rewarded in kind.

Going back to this video, it is obvious that Sweetie here wants you to know that she is present and ready to poison you with her sweet performances. Hooking up with her will definitely be worth it especially if you dress as the rival.

That would be some interesting foreplay.

Sweetie_Fox plays Lola Bunny

As you can see here, Lola Bunny likes to have her Space Jammed! She’s dressed like Tune Squad’s female star player as she shows everyone how to dribble yourself into a dildo.

How we wish we could be the ones to dribble our dick and balls in between her legs but for now, let’s make do with a bit of imagining here. Just imagine that her white veiny dildo is your very own. The fact that it isn’t small and gray means it wasn’t molded from bugs bunny.

Maybe it’s time we have some Looney Tunes porn someday just for the fun of ruining childhoods. Watching those comedic cartoons will never be the same again when that happens. Let’s just make do with cosplay girls like Sweetie here.

If there’s a way we can make Sweetie_Fox dress like other Looney Tunes characters, maybe we can create porn just around Space Jam. After all, isn’t MJ black? You know how black guys fare in porn.

Let’s not digress here though. The only point we’re making here is cosplaying as Lola Bunny has triggered a lot of sexual fantasies especially if they can pull it off like what sweetie did here.

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