These Hot Pics of Meg Turney Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy!

Meg Turney

I love beautiful women who are proud of their bodies, and I’m not going to deny it. Every day, I browse through the Web hoping to find my next favorite girl. I just love keeping a list, so I won’t run out of titillating bombshells to spice up my lonely nights. 

One of my favorite girls is Blair Zoldyck. She got wonderful boobies and a body to die for. I also love the fact that she’s into cosplaying. I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for cosplay girls. They just give me the impression that they’re quite the hot nerd (like me).

Anyway, when I was doing my usual Web routine recently, I discovered another chick that I’m pretty sure deserves a spot on my list. Her name is Meg Turney. If you’ve been following cosplayers and bloggers, then you might have heard or read her name before. 

For those who might not know who she is, Meg is an American internet cosplayer, blogger, and model. Her biological name is Megan LeeAnn Turney. So I guess she just wanted to keep it short so people won’t have trouble remembering her name. 

She was born on March 12, 1987, in Austin Texas. When it comes to her family, I don’t think I can give you any information about them as there’s actually none. Apparently, she prefers to keep those personal details private. 

Meg is 5’2” tall and has a hot slender body that weighs 127lbs. She belongs to the white ethnicity and is an American national. 

Her career started when she hosted different shows and deviantART was her first. Following that, she was also the host of several events like The Know, Nerdist News, AMA’s On Demand, Technoshow, and more. 

Moreover, Meg has worked on a series called “The Know It All: Leaderboard”. I’ve read that it was a collaboration between Rooster Teeth (where Meg was working) and The Daily Dot. But in 2016, she decided to leave Rooster Teeth. 

Anyway, let’s travel further back. In 2002, she joined conventions and cosplay shows. The first cosplay she ever did was of Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon from the anime Sailor Moon. 

In 2015, she made it in the top 10 hottest YouTubers. Aside from that, she also did modeling and photoshoots. Pretty cool, huh? But I think my favorite fun fact about her is when she ranked in the upper 20 of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World. If that’s not a huge achievement, then I don’t know what is. So yeah, you can expect good stuff from this babe. 

I think it’s also worth noting that Meg is engaged with a guy named Gavin Free since 2013. However, she still talks about her bisexuality with her YouTube fans. 

Now, that’s enough blabbering about boring stuff. Let’s get to the heart of this article which is Meg Turney’s jaw-dropping nudes!

Meg Turney’s naked bum

Meg Turney

Holy guacamole! We’re just getting started but it seems like my package is already on a standing ovation. It might be quite embarrassing to admit, but this girl has sent my libido levels soaring through high with her round and nude booty. It might be nice to touch those softly while she’s still in that position. I’m imagining some romantic movie scenes where the guy passionately caresses his girl’s body. And yeah, I’m that dude and I’m passionate. 

Meg Turney’s round and soft boobies

Meg Turney

Aah… I’d do anything to touch those right now. I mean, anyone in his right mind might get a boner after seeing this awesome photo of Meg. Too bad, she covered her nipples with those sparkly stickers. I also noticed that her pants are unbuttoned, so she might have plans of going commando. 

Meg Turney in a see-through outfit

Meg Turney

What was she thinking? I’m pretty sure she’s fully aware that her outfit’s fabric is too thin to cover all those goodies. But of course, she did this on purpose. She even got her clothes wet, so we can have a clearer view of her lovely bubbies. Call me greedy, but I won’t be content with this. I want to see her breasts in the nude — without any coverings!

Meg Turney leans over

Meg Turney

Wow! The geek chick next door. I must say I’m happy to see her breasts aren’t covered with anything. But the problem is, we’re only seeing her side boob. I know it’s a good start, but I’m craving for more. Oh, please, Meg give it to me! I just want to see you stark naked as my cock is throbbing inside my pants with anticipation. 

Meg Turney and her useless bra

Meg Turney

Now, this is what I’m talking about dude — all the goodies out in the open. Yes, sure, some pieces of her outfit might be getting in the way, specifically on the upper part of her body, but that’ll do. At least, we’re seeing everything we need to see. You know, her nipples and neatly trimmed vagina. Oh, how I’d love to have a taste of those. 

Meg Turney on her birthday suit

Meg Turney

Damn girl — you’re a total goddess! Well, I’m pretty sure she’s heard that a lot. With a face like that and a stunning body, a lot of men might be dying to have her. Based on this pic, it looks like she’s about to soak herself in that large tub of water. She got some relaxation to do which I think helps in keeping her looking young. Who knows? That water might have come from the Fountain of Youth. So maybe that explains why she’s looking fresh every time. 

Meg Turney loves purple

Meg Turney

Ugh! Why is she always covering the good stuff? What a tease, right? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she might show us more of her flesh later in this collection. But I’d have to give it to her, she’s slaying that purple hair. I mean, not everyone can do that. I guess that explains why she loves cosplaying. 

Meg Turney and the Easter eggs

Meg Turney

Sweetie, you’re supposed to hide the eggs not expose them. Why don’t you be a good girl and hide them well for me? We don’t want to cover those amazing gems, do we? I guess it’s confirmed now that Meg loves teasing her followers. If not, then she may not be covering her vag and breasts in most photos. 

Meg Turney as a naughty Rapunzel

Meg Turney

If Rapunzel was as naughty as this, then thousands of Prince Charming might be rushing to save her from the witch and take her down from the tower. Anyway, I really love that she’s wearing a bra that perfectly flaunts her mouth-watering nipples. She also has that enticing smile that really doesn’t help in calming my junior down there. In fact, it’s wriggling to break free now! 

Meg Turney’s fuckable booty

Meg Turney

By now, I’m starting to realize that Meg doesn’t need to take off all of her clothes to seduce men because exposing just a few of her private parts is enough. I mean, look at this picture. She’s only showing her yum-yum ass but most of you might be already stroking your package. Well, don’t be shy as you’re not the only one. I’m guilty of that as well. 

Meg Turney in a sexy lingerie

Meg Turney

I don’t think I can take this any longer. She’s too delectable to resist, dude. I might have to crank my meat right now till I satiate all the sexual hunger I feel. I got a good feeling that Meg’s look is perfect for wild sex in a doggy style position. You know, so I could pull her braids while I’m doing it. But I guess it’s better to call it horsey style, what do you think? 

Meg Turney’s cute little vag

Meg Turney

Holy shit — that’s the cutest pussy I’ve ever seen my whole life. No wonder she’s not having any trouble concealing it in the previous photos in this collection. How I wished we could also see a picture of her spreading her legs wide on camera. If ever she gives that to us, I’d be saving it on all my devices, so I can fap on it anytime and anywhere. 

Meg Turney’s big smile

Meg Turney

Hmm… I think this can be the perfect desktop wallpaper, what do you think? If you’re also planning to set it as your screen background, you might want to only do it on your personal computer. What I’m saying here is, don’t do it on your working computer. Your boss might not be happy to see it. Or maybe he will be (if he’s a gentleman like you) but he might not show it. 

Meg Turney’s adorable bum

Meg Turney

Wait… what sorcery is this? Oh, I get it now! Meg got me confused for a minute there. As you might have already realized, this is a mirror selfie but in a different way. I guess it might have taken her quite some time to find the right angle to take this shot. But I bet it’s worth it. She has perfectly captured her lovely rear to feed horny creatures like us. 

Meg Turney showing some ass

Meg Turney

Is it just me or Meg is really confident in showing off her butt cheeks? In this list, I’ve seen many pics of her flaunting her derrière. Well, maybe she considers it one of her most-cherished assets. And I definitely agree with her. I mean, look at that bum, dude. I’d be spanking that hard the moment I get the chance to be with her. 

Meg Turney pulls down her panties

Meg Turney

Now, what is she doing? It looks like she’s trying to tease us again by pulling down her undies a little. Just enough to show us a tiny bit of skin. Aah… this bombshell is making me go crazy. But of course, I think it would be no fun if she’d be putting everything on the table, right? I love suspense. 

Meg Turney’s “woke up like this” look

Meg Turney

Oh, wow! She’s showing us her underboob and it looks so freaking sexy. Even if she just woke up in this picture, she still looks as gorgeous as ever. I even think she’s prettier without makeup. This pic was taken from her Snapchat roll, so maybe I should start following her on Snapchat. Who knows? She might share a nastier shot of her soon. 

Meg Turney relaxes by the pool

Meg Turney

What a lovely booty! I can look at this all day and all night, without eating or sleeping. But of course, I’m just kidding. I need to eat and sleep to have enough energy to fap on this alluring photo of Meg. How I wished she turned around, so I can see her delish vagina and luscious titties. 

Meg Turney as a redhead babe

Meg Turney

Who loves redheads? If you do, then you might like Meg even more in this picture. She has dyed her hair red, and she’s wearing some lavender-colored lingerie. She might not be naked in this one, but I’m enjoying the view of her cum-worthy cleavage. Also, I like that hour-glass shaped bod. 

Meg Turney fresh from the bath

Meg Turney

OMG! Things are getting hotter and hotter every minute. Yes, sure, she’s only showing her cleavage on this one but man, she looks freaking hot! The fact that she just got out from the shower and still wiping herself dry with her towel is making me hard down there. She’s so fresh and I’d love to lick her all over. 

Meg Turney soaking wet

Meg Turney

Aah… how I wished I could join her in the bathtub. We can talk about random stuff like the weather while my hands make its way to her honeypot. That look on her face seems to be telling us to cum and bang her in the water. I’ve never done that before, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be fantastic. 

Here’s my final say

Meg is the type of woman that can melt your heart but get your dick hard in one stare. So I do hope you get your fun with her tonight. 

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