Here’s What Happens When Sexy Cosplay Girl Amber Goes All Out Creative


Sexuality and creativity have always been interrelated, or so some experts say. After all, childhood wounds may still influence adult sexuality and creativity. It is important for this connection to be forged and nurtured because as the Brave Healer, an expert in holistic physical therapy and healing, said it is all about finding, feeling and embracing the connection with the unlimited sexual, creative force within each of us, which as Yoda would have said, is “strong with this one.”

Apparently, sexuality and creativity are both strong with cosplay girl Amber. To prove just how strong her creative and sexual powers are, here are some products of her skills, imagination, and appeal all displayed for your eyes to feast on.

Out for some fun in the sun

Everyone has a different definition of fun. One person may find being with friends’ fun, whereas others find happiness in solitude. For Amber, it seems happiness is basking out in the sun, blissfully waiting for some man to join her while she channels her inner joie de vivre. Nevertheless, this sexually creative cosplay girl has found a delightful spot to channel her inner sex goddess – atop of a bale of hay.


Lost in the Forest

If you are like Amber, then you are probably craving the sweet scent of the great outdoors, as seasons whiz past. If you feel that the great outdoors is calling to you, then why not start a new hobby like Amber did?

Look at her looking like a sexual forest nymph out to lure unsuspecting men into the endless pleasure of the forest, never to return. At least, that’s how her photos look like. If it is a true skill, would you let her compel you into spending some sexy time with her in the mountains?

Down and Dirty

Mechanic Amber literally down and dirty is evoking images of sex. Why wouldn’t it? A pretty woman with her endless legs on display is like a statement that says, “I’m ready for a healthy, adventurous, and mind-blowing sex.” Edgy and playful, this particular look is one of the stuff that adventurous sex lives are made from.


Couch Grind

Looking to get sofa sexy? You came to the right place!

Amber shares the right way to enjoy getting extra cozy on the couch, reminding every hot-blooded male just how important couches are at home. That sultry smile and provocative look is definitely an invitation for impromptu sex. Or an invitation to join her on that convenient couch to get it on while watching some straight up porn, perhaps? Who knows?


Red-Hot Sexy Time

This red-hot number on Amber will make you realize that you don’t need to look perfect like a supermodel, or to memorize the entirety of Kama Sutra to get your fill of mind-blowing and fulfilling sex.

Sultry in Red

Amber is looking incredible in hot see-through number. She paired it with red stockings that showcased her incredible legs, while giving sultry looks that will make any man hard “down ther” in seconds.


Ninja Moves

Cosplay girl Amber has but one goal when she donned this sexy ninja outfit: To take you and your hot body and rough you up, while she rides her way to a mind-blowing orgasm, or so it seems.


Beach time

A clear day at the beach and some hot sex? Yeah, that definitely paints an incredible mental image of a “friendly tumble down the beach.” With the calm sea breeze, some sun, and Amber’s hot bumper and equally hot booty on display in her skimpy swimwear, what else can a man ask for?

Cooped up at Home

Being cooped up at home with no apparent end in sight is a sure-fire way to build stress. Unfortunately, sex is out of the question, so your best bet is self-pleasure – an easy and safe way to release tension. And minus the risk, too! With Amber and some sex toys in the equation, you’re surely be happy being locked at home, no matter how long it takes.


This highly creative shot of a naked Amber showcased some good taste. It features a naked Amber whose alluring figure speaks volumes about consistently having great sex. Plus, the playful and fierce take makes you think of all the wild stuff there is to try, all in the name of mind-blowing sex that will never get old.


Every single one of us only gets one shot at life, so the sooner you accept the things you like – carnal desires and whatnot – the better it will be for you. Plus, it pays to be honest about your feelings at all times. Who knows? You might be in for a pleasant surprise. You might even find that you are not exactly alone in the things you desire. Besides, you might even find out that the things that turn you on are someone else’s secret fantasy as well.

If you are anything like our girl, Amber, we suggest bringing out your desires and interests for the world to see. That way, you don’t have to hide, and who knows, you might even find someone to share it with!

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