Top Sex Games to Try Now

Have you noticed that the world right now is getting more and more open-minded and adventurous? More so in the arena of sex video games. As more people are getting creative, who knows what they are going to invent next?

And part of this “crazy genius” is creating a sexual spin on what seemed like some wholesome innocent cartoon characters or strong superheroes that we grew up with before.

Just to clearly uncover what the hell I’m talking about, check the list here:

1)    The Guido Brothers


Don’t look now, but I know you have heard about the legendary Mario Brothers game. Now, some geniuses want to have that sexual version that’s why they named it, The Guido Brothers, as opposed to the commonplace name, Mario. Now Guido sound so mysterious and exotic and foreign, so maybe they named it so.

Anyway, what’s this game about? So your role is to be the hero by saving the princess from many villains who have kidnapped her. And as you try to jump and run into the palace where the damsel in distress is being held captive by those evil bad guys, you will (of course) encounter numerous minions and struggles—and the twist is? It’s all covered with adult innuendoes.

So you will play either of the Guido Brothers and be a valiant hero. But at last, after rescuing the lovely princess, no good deed will be left unrewarded as soon after, you will get to receive your reward (hint: it involves sex).

2)    The Hard Knight Rises

Well if there’s the Dark Knight Rises, for sure some clever geniuses want to have a “studlier” version of Batman right? That’s why they smartly named the game, “The Hard Knight Rises”. Clever moniker indeed—an adult parody of the most super famous superhero just came alive.

So what to expect from this? Still, you get to play Batman—fighting crime as usual, but instead of just combating the bad forces of evil, the bonus is even sweeter: you now have the opportunity to bed the beautiful damsel in distress after that. And then you can also hop from one town to another on any person that you want, whether you beat them up or having sex with them. What a good dilemma to be in.

3)    Adult Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ah…yes. Now, this is what I’m talking about. Bet you also didn’t expect this one to be included, right? Me neither. That’s why I had that introduction. I mean who would have imagined to include these turtles to be a part of the adult gaming industry? I mean, seriously?

Okay, now let’s talk about this. We have an adult and sexified version of these cute mutants who devour pizzas and fight the bad guys. We get that.


However, in this version, you get to take the shots in this classic and popular tv and video game series. You take charge of these 4 adult superhero turtles as they fight villains and STILL get to have sex with anybody that you set your gaze on. Nevertheless, if you opt on playing the aged Master Splinter, then you got to make it easy for him. Give him some time to get ready before you give him the pleasure he needs.

4)    Grand Fuck Auto

Now, players of the Grand Theft Auto have full control over their character, as you do whatever it is you want to do in this game. Indeed, it is an adult game, but there’s also a version of Grand Theft Auto that got even more adult content, and that is Grand Fuck Auto. What a very suitable name, don’t you think?

And yes, just like the regular Grand Theft Auto, you get to do that typical stuff such as shoot guns, run anywhere, and cause tons of destruction, but there’s a HUGE addition to this. You guessed it—this time around, you get to enjoy lots of sex. And I mean a lot. Because you can do it with anyone you want. And I don’t mean just any prostitutes or hookers, but also with the other characters within the game of course. And if you play online, you could enjoy remote sex with other individuals.

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