Satisfy your Asian fetishes with these 20+ Japanese cosplay videos!

I think we can all agree that aside from anime, the next best thing we go crazy about is Japanese porn in the Land of the Rising Sun. Sure, most of their sex flicks are censored and it just annoys the fuck out of us, but we also just can’t get enough of those soft, kitty moans of these amateur pornstars and their cute outfits.

And so just to satisfy my craving for these horny girls, let me take you to a trip to Japan with these awesome cosplay videos that I’m sure you’ll love!


Japanese cosplay chick gets rammed in this uncensored porn flick

This flick starts with a naughty Japanese cosplay girl with hairy pussy who takes her time getting her man’s belt off as she tries to give him a nice blowjob.  You’d have fun watching this POV video clip because it would look and feel like you’re the one getting a sensational blowjob from this Asian chick.

Minutes after letting some steam off, the man finally inserts his worked up dick into this woman’s ass doggsytyle and boy, does she moan with real pleasure. He gets intense with each thrust and this bitch is just liking every minute of it.

In return, he gets more blowjobs and a round where this girl rides on top of him. You’ll love this Asian flick because—yes you guessed it too—it’s completely uncensored!


This big-tittied Japanese cosplay girl loves getting pounded on cam

Watch this grey-haired Japanese cosplay babe and her cute perky tits bounce up and down while she is being fucked hard by this anonymous guy in this webcam porn flick. When the camera gets closer into the girl’s vag and the guy’s tit’s, it’s just too bad that it’s pixelated (and don’t we just hate censored fap material).

But hey, we still get to see her beautiful curves and her bouncing boobies beneath that unique shirt. You’d envy the guy who gets to hold and massage her perky tits after a while and touch her busty ass as he takes her from behind doggystyle.

Hear her moan and squirm like a child with intense pleasure as she gets pounded by this stud. Make sure you watch until the end of the show, you’ll also see some juicy titty-fucking in this webcam clip!


Pink-haired Japanese cosplay slut gets attacked in this sexy hot orgy

Beware: this amateur webcam flick lasts for about one hour, so be sure you’re not doing anything else besides fapping your ass off as you watch this. It starts with a narrative showing a guy (he’s like a mechanic of some sort) who lays down on the floor unconscious. After a while, this cute Japanese cosplay girl in the form of a pink “devil” lady enters the scene, wakes him up, and starts to seduce him.

Now, I don’t understand much Japanese (even though I studied it just so I can watch these vids and actually understand what these sluts are saying), but from the looks of it, she’s trying to calm him down and starts kissing him, swirling her naughty tongue all over his mouth.

What else do you see in this film-like video?

  • a soft, sensual blowjob and handjob
  • some acrobatic ass-licking (too bad we can’t see the guy’s dick as it is being sucked by the girl, it’s fucking traditional Japanese censorship)
  • a POV-style of video filming that makes you feel like you’re the one getting seduced by this pretty devil

Now, onto the best part, after a few minutes, two more guys enter the scene and get seduced by this horny devil cosplay girl as she touches their hardening dicks and shows them her hairy clit. Eventually, each of them starts to get their piece of meat, two sucking the gal’s perky tits while the other fingering her wet pussy.

In the end, they each get a nice blowjob, some pussy-licking, and a good riding from this devil woman.


Cute Japanese cosplay schoolgirl rides a big cock

If you’re a fan of some sensual and passionate kissing and tongue-swirling (with saliva-pouring?!), then this nasty porn flick is for you. Watch this video as it starts with a short blonde-haired girl kiss her man sensationally while he films her so we can see this in POV.

Even though we still get that annoying censorship, we still do get a lot of bonuses like how this girl swirls her naughty tongue around that dick and how she squirms with intense pleasure just by doing it. You’ll also get to see a nice titty-fucking here, until you see this Asian chick ride on his man and gives him a nice pounding.

He also takes her from the back doggystyle, and believe me, it’s one of the best ones you’ll ever see.


Sexy Japanese cosplay kitten fingers her tight pussy on cam

You’d be amazed at how complete this Asian girl’s costume is as she flaunts it on webcam while filming herself (although it’s such a shame I don’t recognize it, but I’m sure it’s some famous anime show). Then, voila! After a few minutes, she immediately lifts her skirt up and shows us her tight black panties and her milky legs that you’d just want to massage.

After revealing her legs, she pulls the camera close to her and starts to show her nice perky tits and hardened nipples. It doesn’t take long before we get into the main action and she shows us her slightly hairy pussy and the opening of her clit. And boy, do we just love to eat that beefy labia right now!

Alright, alright, I know, after all this foreplay, she does hop into bed and starts to finger herself, letting out that soft, kitty moan that we’ve been dying to hear. She cums many times and I bet you won’t get tired of hearing her squirm like that.


Busty Japanese cosplay slut gets seduced by old man

Now, what do we have here? This busty long-haired Japanese cosplay girl must have been for hire, and it looks like it’s her first time getting pounded by a guy. But at the same time, it also looks like she’s kind of enjoying how this horny guy massages her huge perky tits in the first few minutes.

Here’s what transpired after that:

  • The guys guides her nervous hands into his hardening dick and also sticks her face into it.
  • Like a hypnotized girl, she kneels down, keeps caressing that cock, and finally gets the hang of it.
  • Yep, you guessed, it: at last, she musters the courage to give it a nice blowjob!

You’d never guessed how long she actually did this (what I know it she DID enjoy it!). Afterwards, we also witness some sensual riding, squatting, and doggystyle pounding here.


BBW Japanese cosplay schoolgirl rides, titty-fucks, and gives lucky stud nice blowjob

I know, I know, this censorship thing where Japanese choose to hide their identities and faces might already be getting on your nerves. But hey, I still want to think that videos like this is worth your time. This flick starts with a busty BBW schoolgirl who sucks this guy’s big cock POV style, so we’d actually feel like we’re the one getting that nice blowjob.

After a few minutes, she gives it a sensual titty-fucking, and I even know it must feel really fucking good because those big perky boobs just looks so fucking soft and juicy. Eventually, this busty slut starts to ride on this man while squirming like a horny kitten. And I’d have to say, she’s pretty damn good and intense about it.


Japanese cosplay tigress moans with pleasure as she gets ass-licked

Don’t be fooled by this innocent-looking Japanese cosplay girl staring at you (or your dick) at the start of this video, because this one gets hotter.     You might already love her for her very cute tigress cosplay costume, but you’ll love her even more once you see her swirl her naughty tongue and mouth into this man’s orifices.

What do we get from this webcam porn flick?

  • This yellow kitten is super hot, and the way they do foreplay by kissing each other and exploring their titties and dick will make you cream your pants.
  • It may sound like this slutty bitch is crying whenever the guy licks her under pits and caresses her legs, but that’s just the way she squirms with delight, folks.
  • Again, there’s censorship once we go down to her hairy pussy and the guy starts to give her a nice fingering, but it’s still worth it to watch.
  • And yes! Finally, we get to see some steamy ass-licking, and boy, even though it’s partly censored, I just love watching it! This horny guy knows how to pleasure our cosplay chick, swirling her tongue around her clit while circling his hands to her perky tits.

We also witness this girl ride on top of her man in different positions and different angles, which is just sexy hot.


Horny Japanese cosplay girl gets cream on her tits and licks it; uses vibrator to masturbate

Talk about horny and extraordinary! Watch as this long-haired Japanese cosplay chick flaunts her perky tits on cam at the start of this video as she takes off some of her cosplay clothes. She then teases us by bouncing up and down so that we can see her small boobs hang and actually loose their grip on her clothes.

After a while, she lets a man touch and pinch them (and don’t you just wish it’s your hands doing all the pinching?) He also gets some white cream on top of one nipple and guess what she does? Yes, she licks it! Isn’t just yummy and super sexy?

Within the next few minutes, another man starts to finger her pussy and uses a vibrator so we can hear her moan and quiver with delight. And that’s not all: we see the guy actually take her to bed so that finally, he can fuck her for us.


This Japanese cosplay white princess wants to get fingered until she’s wet with cum

Your mouth will water and your jaw will drop as you lay eyes on this gorgeous doll-like Japanese cosplay girl lying on this bed like Sleeping Beauty waiting to be awakened by a horny stud. The video is in POV-style, so you’re in for a treat as you feel like it’s your own hands exploring the face, the perky boobs, and the wet tits of this princess.

Mind you, this is a 40-minute video clip that seems like a fantasy-type of porn where you see every detail in slow-motion. But I assure you this won’t bore you. You’ll fall in love with:

  • the girl’s watermelon-sized boobs, perky nipples
  • the way she spreads her legs
  • her fucking smooth and round butt cheeks
  • her wet clit

By the time you’re done watching the guy fingering her wet butthole, pounding her from behind doggystyle, and getting himself a sensual blowjob, I’m sure you’ll bookmark this video to your PC.


Lesbian Japanese cosplay hotties finger and lick each other’s juicy pussies

Yep, you heard me right. LESBIAN COSPLAY AMATEURS. Because, hey, who says there’s no such thing? And I bet they’re as hot as girl-boy fucking partners that we’ve seen so far.

Watch as these two horny Japanese girls start kissing each other as if they’re swirling their hungry tongues on the sweetest candy in the entire universe. After a few minutes, you’ll see one of them lifting her partner’s shirt and starting to lick those perky tits.

You’ll have fun watching them because there’s some narrative going on here. After one of them takes off her panties, she gives it to her partner and boy, does, she love smelling them!

Your other key takeaways watching this 50-minute sexy video clip:

  • more exchanges of titty-licking
  • ass-licking with a lot of sexy moaning (their pussies are censored, of course)
  • pussy-fingering
  • ass-fisting


Mitsuki Japanese cosplay girl masturbates and gets her titties touched

For a second you’ll fall in love with this sexy kitten complete with her cosplay costume. She starts to tease you with her pouting mouth and her big puffy tits that form a nice cleavage up her breast.

Eventually, the camera goes down and focuses on her gorgeous ass, revealing her butthole in the middle of her thong and that pussy that you can actually see beneath the transparent violet panties.

This slutty babe further seduces us by delicately touching on her pussy and legs. I’m sure you’ll the part where she sits on a big rubber ball and does some sexy acrobatic moves, letting the ball touch her watermelon-sized boobies and ass, making you wish like you’re the ball.

After a few more minutes, we see a pair of hands touching her boobies. Then we see the finale as she starts to masturbate and moan with pleasure, too.


Nyaruko and Kuuko lesbian cosplay sex will make you cum in seconds

Yes, another lesbian cosplay chicks on our list! Heck, I don’t even know who Nyaruko and Kuuko are, but what the hell, these two Japanese cosplay sluts are still hot when they fuck. Watch them turn the heat one as they get on their cosplay gear and start fingering each other.

You’ll also see one of them insert a dildo up her partner’s (censored, AGAIN) juicy and hairy pussy. Aaaand, imagine this, one of them actually using a dildo and wearing it up her ass so that she can actually take her partner from behind and do her DOGGYSTYLE. Now, that’s original!


Japanese cosplay slut squirms with delight with vibrator up her ass

This flick starts with a narrative where a girl gets interviewed for a while then changes her outfit into a pink-haired cosplay player. You’ll immediately see a guy go behind her as he gets his dick hardened up.

Eventually, you’ll see this slut’s perfectly-shaven pussy (yes, and it is UNCENSORED!) getting rammed rough and raw by the guy’s fingers.

What happens next? See for yourself:

  • a rough pounding dominated by the guy
  • a nasty and juicy blowjob
  • the cute cosplay girl riding this man’s dick
  • the best doggystyle pounding you’ve seen so far


Naughty BBW Japanese cosplay girl gets her busty ass pounded hard by huge dick

I’m sure you’ll love this girl’s cosplay orange costume, and you’ll also love her bulbous boobies and busty ass when you see her get pounded by this guy in a few minutes. Watch as she quivers with delight as the guy plays with her tits and nipples and starts to take her from behind so he can do her doggystyle and ramming too, in different positions. In return, she gives him a nice blowjob.


Sailormoon Japanese cosplay hottie takes a huge dick and gets hard-fucked on cam

You’ll immediately feel the confidence emanate from this young cosplay girl who is proud of her costume and seems to be ready to get pounded by some huge dick. She takes a few pictures as she waits for her man until we see a pair of legs walk by her on the bed and takes out a huge cock.

She starts to suck on it like a pro and swirls her naughty tongue around it. After a few minutes, the masked guy takes her from behind and gives her a little push. Then, he starts pounding her on the bed and boy, don’t we just love to hear her moan.


My Final Words

Did you enjoy this short but sexy trip to the Land of the Rising Sun with these horny Japanese cosplay video clips? If you’re in it for more, check out these hottest nude cosplay pictures or Meana Wolf’s real naked photos!


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