Strip Poker – The Only Way to Really Play Poker


It’s been a long time since we’ve played a quality strip poker video game, and this one sure grabbed our attention. The name is as direct as possible: Strip Poker. No introduction or instructions needed. Here is a video game that mixes two things men love a whole lot: poker and stripping. Could there possibly be anything better? It’s one of the oldest and most erotic games. You play poker but instead of betting money, you have to remove an article of clothing every time you lose a hand. Sounds simple and fun, right? That’s because it is! As you continue to bet and win you will get to play against sexier and more difficult female opponents. It’s also possible play other users online. The fun never ends!

Do you enjoy playing poker? Do you like adult video games? Then Strip Poker is right up your alley. You don’t even have to be a master poker player to enjoy this fun little sex game. Beware, however, as this is a highly addictive video game that is very difficult to put down. It’s fun to challenge yourself by playing hotter and more skilled babes, hoping to get them completely naked. All you need to play this sex game is a basic understanding of the rules of Poker. If you want to beat all the girls and finish them game, that will require some practice. Are you willing to put in the hours? At least you get rewarded by some truly exquisite imagery. That’s what makes playing Strip Poker so worthwhile.

The first player you go up against is Jasmine, a sexy babe with an amazing body. She is much easier than the rest, but you will still need to stay focused when playing her. Get distracted and you could easily lose the shirt off your back, so to speak. As you go deeper into the game, every new sexy opponent will get a bit more difficult. The final challengers are actually two sexy female players: Becky and Heather. Beat these two babes and you become the ultimate Strip Poker master. Not to mention you get to watch two very sexy babes strip naked together at the same time!

If normal poker games bore you to death, maybe it’s time to put a bit of spice in your card-playing routine. There’s no better way to gamble than with the clothes on your body – and that’s exactly what Strip Poker is about! Strip Poker will satisfy your needs for a kinky card game that will always keep you coming back for more. With every hand you win you get closer to victory, and closer to watching these hot babes get totally naked!


Challenging and fun
Cool poker game with a twist
Sexy toon babes
Easily addictive


Takes up too much time
Can’t bet real money

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