Missing Misty? Here are More Reasons to Wish She’s Back Playing With those Pokéballs Again!


Here’s a fact about Misty: Did you know that Misty was introduced in Pokémon for the sole purpose of attracting boys?

Misty is one of the best written, most complicated characters on Pokémon. Apparently, this ten-year-old cutie has always been meant to be an eye candy, according to the show runners. Masamitsu Hidaka, the director and story board artist, shared that this is the same reason why she was one of the original three and why Pokémon keeps modifying its slew of girls. It is pretty gross for feminists considering Misty’s age, but it is a fact that Misty’s amazing wit and charm makes Pokémon as interesting as it is now.

As if it is not enough that Misty’s main purpose in the show is to be an eye candy that lures in teenage boys, her character is also displayed in various state of undress in The Electric Tale of Pikachu series. There’s one with her in a revealing swim suit, and another one where she bathe with Pikachu while commenting on her burgeoning cleavage and being ogled by Ash, Brock, and Mikey. These scenes were altered in the American print, but if you are out for the dirty stuff, find the manga. After all, mangas are well-known to have all sorts of dirty scenes now and then.

Not so much as a 10-year-old Misty

Misty in the Pokémon anime doesn’t look or act like a 10-year-old at all either. In both the Japanese and American versions of the Pokémon anime, Misty is nothing short of a firecracker. She’s hot-tempered, loud-mouthed brat who speaks her mind and defend what she believes to be right. She doesn’t have any problem throwing down or whacking people if the situation calls for it. Suffice it to say that some versions, like those of the Americans tweak the character too much that the Misty most people see as their heroine is no longer the same one.

From her smart mouth to her rationality, her character is way ahead of the other characters on the show. Even the Japanese and American Pokémon cards were quite different in that the Japanese version is not as kid-friendly in appearance. While both cards were a hit with fans, some Japanese cards that didn’t see the light of day in the US. Some Misty related cards in particular even went far as showing her in a nearly nude state, which is not very childlike at all.

Though Misty is never one to back away from a challenge and is extremely smart and mature in approaching things, Misty’s competitive streak is also not very childlike. In fact, she is shown to feel insecure and jealous of other people, mostly other female characters, at times. Most of the jealousy is directed towards other female characters in the Pokémon world who openly admit that they like Ash. She has episodes of being prissy when Ash starts mooning after some girl. Her dislike and jealousy towards the other girls who like Ash is very clear in the Japenese anime Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Here, Misty visibly sulked after a a girl from the Shamouti Island (where Misty and Ash have arrived for the Annual Legend festival) welcomed Ash with a kiss.

Misty is also pretty clingy. If you don’t believe me, look no further than her Pokémon collection! She’s the only trainer among the original three protagonists to own both an evolved and unevolved version of the same Pokémon type, like Starmie and Staryu. An interesting choice for a trainer suggestive of her character. It seems she caught one Staryu with the purpose of evolving it, and kept another one that she did not evolve to keep around. This could mean that she is loyal, to the point of sticking by you, through thick and thin. It is also suggestive of her character: she won’t turn on you even if you change. Conversely, it could mean she has trouble letting go. Considering her jealous nature and how much more often she uses her Staryu over her Starmie, it’s probably a good thing for her to keep them both around.

Misty’s clothing and physical appearance

Her costume is also one of her quirks. I don’t know about you but it just never made sense to me why she chose to rock those red suspenders. They don’t look bad and it doesn’t really look uncool as a fashion statement, but I totally don’t get it. They don’t seem practical in any way, shape, or form since they don’t seem like they’re holding up her shorts anyway so the whole point of wearing suspenders is lost. It almost feels like she just stole them from her dad’s closet one day and announced to the world that she would be wearing suspenders from then on. While she doesn’t seem so particulr about holding on to the childlike look, considering how mture she seems in her garb from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the red suspenders are, apparently, a mainstay. She changed her hair color too, from its candy orange to a lighter, almost blonde look reminiscent of Kirsten Dunst’s more mature look in Spider-Man 2. Her shorts also evolved in something like a pantsuit in the Advanced Generation series, which makes perfect sense, because well, Misty is a girl boss!

Misty’s Future

It’s not all good for Misty, though. One sad fact established by the Pokémon writing team is that Misty will be gone from the show for good. Her appearance in 282 episode of the series as a Water-type Master is all there is to Misty, as the anime writers of Pokémon have no interest in reviving the character. According to them, Misty’s purpose as an eye candy who brings a feminine touch to the show has come to an end, and other female characters were already brought in to fill the void. Aside from cameo roles and guest appearances, Misty is never coming back.

Collection of Misty Nudes

Luckily, for her male fans, Misty is a well-loved character among cosplayers, so if you find yourself missing the hot eye candy from Pokémon, here are some sexy photo sets to keep you going:


Mia, your friendly neighborhood slut, decided to drop by as Misty. Sporting her trademark red suspenders, yellow crop top and denim shorts, the loud-mouthed water type Master with orange hair is still the eye candy she was originally meant to be in this on/off cosplay porn set.



Shake it up, Misty! Yep, that’s it! Lily definitely revitalized every man whose teenage years were spent mooning over this Water Type Pokémon Master. The orange wig is perfect, and the suspenders definitely go well with that awesome tits on display.



This sultry redhead Misty is definitely one of the guys’ favorites. True to her purpose as an eye candy, this Misty has a cute face that one would never get tired staring at. As a spitfire who is down on fours, one Redditor couldn’t resist saying that Mira’s version of Misty is one he “can totally get behind.” Well, that booty is definitely something, I agree.


Shaye Rivers

Shaye Rivers just made sure Misty gets her sexy time with Togepi. This redhead sports the same sexy outfit, though she took the time to flash her big tits while Togepi does his business down there. Makes you wonder how it would be like to be there in place of Togepi…


Virtual Geisha

Virtual Geisha turns Misty’s porn set into an artistic outdoor set with this photo. With both her awesome tits and ass on display, one can’t help but dream of just bending her over to a downward dog position and have his way with her on the grass.Who says outdoors can’t be so much fun?


Jade Skye

If Misty were a bad girl sporting lightened hair color, then she’ll look like Jade Skye. This look is reminiscent of her time on Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This is probably how she’d look like in there.


Sailor Plasma

How about this inked Misty? A real badass version if you’re up for one, Sailor Plasma is here with a rockstar Misty to perfectly compliment your bad boy dreams!


Ma’am Blue

This 23-year-old Aussie is feeling shy about posing as Misty, but her followers think she’s actually rocking it. She even has Kanto badges, so we think she’s pretty close to the authentic Misty, the fiery Water-type Pokémon Master. What do you think?



Tenleid’s Misty is generating attention from her followers. With those awesome yet surgically enhanced boobies, men can’t help but wish they are playing with those Pokéballs! Sweet Orbs of the Pokégods, indeed! And, no… Those areolas aren’t surgically enhanced, she said.


Queen Haylie

Who would have thought that Twitch streamer Haylie’s Misty is her first post. Why not? This is apparently her first and it’s looking up like the others. Hot and with eyes as blue as water where her favored Pokémon resides, she is definitely one you’ll wish would be looking up at you while licking and sucking your Pokéballs!


Did you enjoy this collection of Misty-inspired cosplay porn? Did it satisfy your cravings for some dose of your favorite Pokémon trainer? Well, in case this isn’t enough, feel free to check out our other collections. We have Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, and your all-time favorite Harley Quinn all waiting for you!


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