The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Adult Video Game

In case you didn’t know, Artificial Intelligence and Video Games go hand in hand. For any video game (adult or non-adult) to be enjoyable and realistic, there needs to be a strong A.I. present. Whether we are talking about enemies you are trying to destroy or an NPC (non-player character) with whom you must interact, making said interaction lifelike and believable will have a huge impact on the overall quality of the game. Throughout the years, A.I. in video games has seen a sharp increase in its ability to imitate real life situations, actions and reactions, and this will only improve with time.

Sure, graphics are important, but they are not everything. Excellent graphics and crappy A.I. will make for a video game that is marvelous to look at but tedious to play. The same can be said for adult video games. Of course, anyone who downloads a porn game wants the girls to look sexy and real, but you also want them to act as closely as possible to how a human female would act, albeit a lot sluttier. These days it is becoming more and more common to discover adult games where at least part of the appeal lies in seducing a female character and convincing her to have sex with you. Such an experience can do wonders not only as a means of entertainment but also to one’s self-esteem and confidence, perhaps even decreasing social anxiety as it helps the user prepare for real life situations. However, such benefits can only be had when video game characters possess sufficient A.I. so that they behave like real women.

As the power of Artificial Intelligence continues to grow so will the quality of adult video games. Do not be surprised if we begin to see games that aim to create courting experiences such as bar and nightclub pick-ups, street encounters and even simulations of online dating. The true defining moment will come when we can longer distinguish the responses of a robot and from those received by a human being. Does that sound like creepy science fiction to you? If so, you may not have been paying sufficient attention to the news lately. The future of video games is closer than we think. Are you ready?

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