Zombie Heat – The Game Where You Shoot Zombie and Fuck Toon Babes

The moment has come: the end of the world. It’s the zombie apocalypse and it’s every man and women for themselves. Thankfully, there are hundreds of beautiful and helpless women who will do just about anything not be dismembered by these vicious flesh-eating zombies that lurk around every corner of the city. In Zombie Heat, your mission is to shoot down countless hordes of hungry zombies. Can you kill them all in time or will you be overrun by the masses of undead freaks? Are you ready for non-stop zombie killing action like you’ve never seen before in your life? Then check out Zombie Heat, and get ready to shoot zombies and fuck hot toon babes!

Zombie Heat does not deliver an amazing storyline or even stellar graphics, but it’s still a hell of a lot of fun to play! When it comes to plot, there is none. Character development? Forget about it. Zombie Heat is all about filling zombies full of bullets and rescuing naked babes who will then be willing to repay you with their bodies. Luckily, Zombie Heat features only those very slow-moving zombies, the ones that crawl toward you like walking corpses – which is exactly what they are – so it’s not too difficult to shoot them down one by one. By no way is the game hard, but some parts can get a bit challenging, especially as you go deeper and deeper into the game.
The dead walk! Zombies roam the streets and they have a particular craving for sexy young women. Being the manly hero that you are, you’re willing to risk your life to save as many hot babes as possible – but only if you can fuck them afterwards. In the apocalypse, survival does not come free. Men and women alike will have to do whatever it takes to not get eaten by these rotten monsters. Some people have the necessary skills to survive, many don’t. That’s just a fact of life.

Speaking of survival skills, you’ll have to be quick on your toes if you want to kill all the approaching zombies. Move your character from side to side, shoot, reload, rinse and repeat. Keep doing that until you’ve killed a sufficient amount of zombies and you will find yourself rewarded with a mind-blowing sex scene where you are in complete control of the hardcore action. Are you ready to get it on with these thankful babes? Simply move your mouse from side to side and commence fucking; move it slower to go enjoy the experience and make it last, move it fast if you want to make it a quickie. It’s all up to you!

Flash zombie games are all basically the same. These days, it’s hard to find anything that’s truly revolutionary. Zombie Heat, however, spices things up by including plenty of hardcore fucking with beautiful babes of all shapes and sizes who are willing to do anything to show you just how thankful they are. Try it yourself!


Cool zombie shooter
Very sexy toon babes
Gameplay is fun and addictive


Game is too easy
Repetitive gameplay

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