7 Sex Positions To Explore With The Thicc 19-Year-Old LahelDoll


Everyone always strive for better things in life. The same rings true when it comes to your sex life, since you are also most probably wishing for more orgasm or better sex.

Well, this thicc 19-year-old English girl, LahelDoll is out to take you down the path to orgasmic pleasure with her photo sets.

Explore, understand, and tap into your deepest desires with Laheldoll in the following sex positions:


How would you feel when Laheldoll welcomes you home from work like this?

With her down on all fours and her pussy looking primed, Laheldoll looks just about ready to welcome you for some deep and intense fucking anywhere in the house.

If you are quite the adventurer, throw in lots of lube and prepare anal beads or dildo and take her to the next level with a double penetration (DP) session. Ooh…fun…


Some people like the old faithful. Others, on the other hand, enjoys novelty. It is for this particular reason that Laheldoll is standing on display and eagerly awaiting for the expert lover to delve into the tricky standing position.

Channel your inner sex guru and initiate a more advanced standing sex position by hiking up one of her legs and getting on with it in the three-legged dog position.



Contrary to popular belief that the missionary is a boring position best for having lazy sex, this old classic can actually offer so much more.

Explore a hot vanilla sex with Laheldoll by starting with an erotic play, combine it with some nipple sucking and pinching, and try doing the corkscrew or reverse scoop. Depending on your mood, this right angle missionary sex position with Laheldoll will surely get you there. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

On Your Knees

Laheldoll’s posture is reminiscent of two things: the classic cowgirl sex position and oral sex. Depending on your preference, this photo set can either be a submissive position for a woman to give a blowjob or a position of control for a woman to manage how deep she wants your cock buried. It is also perfect for taking clitoral stimulation and would make any woman feel pure pleasure during sex.

If you are the pleaser type, then you’re probably looking at this position the most.

Lying Doggy

Whether you like it or not, the doggy position is perfect if you are after a feel-good after-sex feeling. With the great angle and super hot view it offers along with accessible G-spot and clitoral stimulation, Laheldoll in this position is simply gearing for an amazing orgasm.

Plus, it’s tight and it makes your cock feel bigger inside!

X Marks The Spot

Because this position is a bit tricky, you will want to be on a surface where both your pelvises are at the same height. Laheldoll seems to have found her surface, but, are you ready to fuck her tight cunt in this position?

It’s particularly good if you are not so well-endowed down there.


Curled Angel

The Curled Angel position is an adaptation of the classic spoon. Only it’s anal.

Whether you call it the fallen angel or whatever name you desire, this half-doggy-style, half-spooning hybrid position combines the cozy intimacy of being side by side with each other. This also makes for a good G-spot-rubbing penetration. Intimate and purely carnal – it is truly the perfect position to rech the epitome of pleasure from the best of both worlds!

As if this isn’t enough, this position also allows you to hang on to Laheldoll’s awesome breasts or put your hand on her clit for extra stimulation. Doing this would make her feel so good she’ll probably forget her own name while screaming yours.

Love it or hate it, sex is something you need as much as food and love. Though your favorite position comes with sexy perks you particularly enjoy, this shouldn’t mean you can’t spice it up.

So, if you find yourself wanting to change things up in the bedroom, try out some of these positions, and we promise you’ll get the most bang for your, um, bang.

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