10 Photos From Cosplay Girl Megan That Perfectly Sum Up How Hot Future Lawyers Can Really Be


Contrary to popular belief that lawyers are boring and not the least bit creative, this does not apply to their sexual exploits, apparently. For lawyers and anybody else working in a high-paced and stressful industry, sex is the perfect outlet for mounting frustration, and it is much more effective and healthier than drinking, drug use, and even violence. The pleasure of orgasmic release is an added bonus, naturally.

With this said, 22-year-old MILF and future lawyer Megan takes it upon herself to dispel the common stereotypes attached to lawyers. This means proving that there’s more to an attorney than the long and often monotonous work hours. In fact, she went out of her way to prove that lawyers can sometimes be a true Don Juan or Honey Ryder too, like everybody else.

Here are some photos that prove that lawyers, or future lawyers like Megan, can also channel their inner sex guru, much like Mrs. Bond, James Bond’s ardent lover.

Is it just me, or it really is getting hot in here?

Who knew that flimsy knickers are so hot that people want to tear them out? If you don’t believe us, look at Megan’s flimsy wear and tell us if it doesn’t look hot at all. If you don’t feel the desire to take it off of her, there is something wrong with you for sure.

megan-lawyerBecause lawyers need a good morning too…

Morning sex has its perks, it’s true. It’s good for the health and mood, which makes for a good day. Naturally, lawyers being lawyers would want to take advantage of all the benefits that come with it. They need to have a good start to their days more than most people after all.

Care for a fun yet not-so-distinct change?

Exploring acrobatic sex may sound like a change of pace, but for people like Megan who tangle with law and people all day every day, this isn’t much of a change. They aim to please, which applies to both in and out of bed affairs. Whether they get inventive with the process, like looking for loopholes in established laws of the land, the entire journey still rests on their ability to deliver favorable results to the other party in the end.


Ready to tear this hot blue number?

Like any other flimsy lingerie, this hot blue number on Megan just screams, “Take it off!”


Sun-kissed Snow White awaits!

The classic story of Snow White involves all sorts of fun. With the ever-present danger hounding Snow White, she waited, and finally, her patience paid off. Megan, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to know the word, as she pulls and hikes at her gown, revealing sumptuous body parts as if to say, “Hurry up and take me!”


Spit or swallow?

A common dilemma when taking a man’s cock for a blowjob-to spit or swallow. While it is always nice to be polite, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to shout “bottoms up!” and open your mouth wide for your partner’s semen. Much like how some people like chocolate better than milk, the preference to spit or swallow also varies, depending on personal taste. Some men don’t even like their women to swallow their semen.

Likewise, nothing is stopping you from swallowing, if that’s how you like it. After all, semen is simply a combination of proteins, minerals, sugars and other nutrients.

If this awaits you every day…

Yep, every day. Because lawyers are staunch advocates of the saying “practice makes perfect.” Like how they do their jobs, lawyers like rote learning. That means they take sex as a second “practice field,” and they need the sexual relief as much as they need to improve their abilities. In short, lawyers take sex as yet another skill that needs to be improved, resulting in better sexual prowess. Right, Megan?


Would you say no to doggy style sex?

Who, in their right mind, will say no to one of the best sex position? Yep, doggy style is still one of the most amazing sex position ever. This position offers the deepest penetration, and it also almost always hits that elusive G-spot. For both men and women, there really is no reason not to love this position. Of course, it’s even sweeter when your woman is all wet and ready, like how Megan is in this photo.


How do you feel about helping her with a little workout?

There is nothing wrong with minor changes. Even the best positions can get old, if you aren’t creative. As such, Megan took it upon herself to offer yet another favorite sex position – the wheelbarrow – a known variant of the well-loved doggy style sex position.


Sex is indeed a great equalizer in such a way that regardless of gender or any other social or economic classifications, it is indiscriminate in its effect. The healthful effects, including its ability to work on a person’s overburdened mind, body, and soul, are the same for everyone. When it comes down to sex, the overall benefit is for everyone to enjoy.

For lawyers or those in the making, it is a second field, next to their law practice. With the almost instinctive desire to create their own atmosphere of desire and improve sexual prowess, lawyers are also among the best sex partners out there. Since good sex is almost a rarity these days, it’s best to hang on to it when you find it.

We’re not saying that lawyers and future lawyers like Megan are the only creative sexual partners out there, but it pays to know that they are not among the worst ones either. They are among the best, if you go by reason, when judging sexual prowess.

In any case, if lawyers are not up your alley, there are always other options available for you to check. After all, we have hordes of other ero-cosplayers out there, like the hot Mia who is just as willing to explore all your deepest and most erotic desires.

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