Trisha Paytas’ Naked Pics Finally Revealed

Trisha Paytas

Do you love “thicc” women? Because if you do, you might enjoy seeing Trisha Paytas in the nude

Trisha is an American singer, media personality, actress, model, and YouTuber. Before she became famous, she was a stripper in Los Angeles and she also appeared in different television series. 

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen this girl before on one of Eminem’s music videos entitled, “We Made You”. So yeah, just like the gorgeous Maitland Ward, she has experience in the acting industry. That means she’d make a great pornstar, too. 

I looked her up on Google and I found out that she’s originally from Riverside, California, and she was born on May 8, 1988. I even checked out her Instagram account with the username @TrishaPaytas and saw that she has over 2.4 million followers. That’s huge, right? 

On top of that, she wrote on her Twitter profile that she’s “your local internet hooker”. I also discovered that she has her own podcast entitled “The Dish With Trish”.

She appeared on various films and TV shows like To.get.her, Wanderlust, Double Divas, and Celebrity Big Brother. Trisha is known for the controversial vids on her YouTube channel which has almost 5 million subscribers. 

Aside from her acting and vlogging skills, Trisha got a hidden talent. Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore that she’s one of the world’s fastest talkers. Yes, you read that right — the fastest talker. That’s because she can speak 710 words in under one minute. Phew! That’d leave me out of breath. 

When it comes to relationships, I heard that she dated Sean Van Der Wilt. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long. 

As of this writing, Trisha is having an on and off relationship with Jason Nash who is a comedian. 

You might also be familiar with her half-sister Kalii Metz who also happened to have a YouTube channel of her own. 

Now that you already know a lot of things about her, I guess you’re now ready to see that hot body uncovered. Well, ready or not, here you go…

Woah, girl! You’re on fire on this one. Aah… those enormous boobs. I’d love to kiss and suck those if given a chance. 

Anyway, I wonder who’s that guy on her phone case? He looks familiar. Hmm… never mind.

Oh, please, Trisha. Take your pajamas off, so I can see your hidden cave, haha.

What just happened? Oh, my! I think she heard my pleas because she is now spreading her legs to give me a full view of her pussy

I wonder how it feels to bang her while she’s still wearing those high heels. That might be some steamy hot sex scene. 

Spread it for me, baby. It seems like this busty chick enjoys showing her lady parts to the camera. Well, there’s nothing that she should be ashamed of because that body is hot and very fuckable. 

More pussy pics, please! I’d save all of these on my computer, so I can fap on them soon. You can do the same if you want. 

You’re such a tease, Trisha. I know that I’ve already seen your naked boobies in the previous photos but I’m dying to see them up close. Seeing them closer would feel like heaven for me. 

Anyway, what are you looking at? Or maybe I should say who? Hmm… lucky guy!

This is the hottest mirror selfie I’ve ever seen. Will you be sending this to your boyfriend? If he breaks your heart, you can send to me instead. I promise that I can make you happy always — especially in bed. 

I love those curves. Never call her fat because, for me, she’s chubby or fluffy. 

This is so erotic. How I wished that she took that off all the way. I don’t know about you, but I’ll never get tired looking at her lady parts.

I wonder if she’ll be showing us her fine ass soon. But yeah, patience is a virtue so let’s patiently wait for more libidinous nudes from Trisha

Aah… man! I’d love to spank that huge bum! Well, that is if she asks me to do it for her. All she needs to do is to say the magic words: “Daddy spank me, please”. 

If that happens, I’d reply with: My pleasure, baby girl. I’d spank that ass until you beg me to stop. 

I don’t know if you’re into small tits or big boobs. But as for me, I’m definitely into watermelon-sized breasts like what Trisha has. 

I also noticed that her mouth is in an O-shape in this image. I get a good feeling that she can suck cocks with grace. Oh, just thinking of it makes my dick rock hard. 

I just can’t get enough of those enormous boobies man. I have to admit that I’m not sure if those are natural or not. But I guess, I don’t care. As long as they look ravishingly delicious, that’s more than enough for me. 

Trisha’s using a new phone case on this one. Maybe she has a huge collection of phone cases at home. 

Here she is again with a lustful mirror selfie. Maybe she has been sending these photos to her boyfriend. But if not, then I think she only wants to look at her nude images. Who knows? 

But of course, it would have been better if she didn’t cover her ass on this pic. I’d really love to see her bum hole. Do you think she’s into anal sex? 

You naughty girl! What are you doing there? Well, I hope it’s something fun and wet and wild

Perhaps she was playing with herself before this photo was taken. However, the real question here is: Who took the picture? 

Pink tape! I have to admit that it looks cute on her. But man, it might have been more awesome if the tape accidentally fell off. You know, so I can have a better view of her breasts from a different angle. 

She also covered her pussy. So maybe she’s actually teasing someone in this pic. 

Let’s imagine her titties bouncing up and down. Aah… just thinking of it makes my junior down there go wild. I don’t think I can take this anymore. I really need to release all these pent-up sex urges. 

This looks like it’s taken from a porno movie’s intro. I might look this up later. 

She looks like she’s ready to fuck on this one. She’s even sticking her tongue out, so she must be really good in oral sex. I wonder if she’s good in deep throats. 

Anyway, she really looks pretty in this pic. I think I’m going to make this one my phone’s wallpaper. 

Here’s my final say

Did you enjoy Trisha Paytas’ nude image collection

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And yes, you’re very much welcome. Happy viewing and fapping!

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