Top 10 Sexiest Twitch Streamers

Sex sells no matter how much we deny.

This is why insanely hot women think of ways to make a name for themselves if Hollywood doesn’t work out, case in point: Twitch streamers.

The video game streaming platform has become the bread and butter for sexy ladies to flaunt their assets while entertaining their audience through a whole new avenue. They found a new way to wholesomely break into NSFW barriers as they wear daring clothing and costumes while showing their followers different ways on how to play video games.

Armed with gimmicks to get their followers engaged to their streams, these 10 sexy Twitch streamers will definitely break your bank with all those tips.



There’s no way that a Britain’s Next Top Model contestant turned Twitch streamer would not make the list. ChloeLock has it all with a supermodel look and a pro gamer play.

The 20-year-old phycology major has found time to chase gaming pursuits on top of college and her modeling career.

Just like most celebrities and models are, she used to be one of the geeks in school as a teenager. Her Twitch stream plus her stint on Top Model definitely makes her one of the hottest geeks alive.

ChloeLock is the quintessential gamer streaming a variety of games including Outlast, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and H1Z1. She’s definitely a perfect example of how not to judge a nerdy girl who’s yet to hit puberty.


Katherine Gunn has put her rich vital statistics to good use. The cosplay-wearing Twitch streamer held a Guinness World Record for being the highest-earning female gamer in 2016.

Going by the name KatGunn, the 31-year old specializes in first-person shooter (FPS) and fighting games. Kat is a champion in Dead or Alive 4. Other games she streams are Zelda, Street Fighter, Fighter V, and Resident Evil 7.

She currently has 261,680 followers on Twitch that enjoy her Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fortnight streams. You’ll definitely love her ‘In Real Life’ streams even more.


This SoCal girl is a 20 something League of Legends player brings is bringing in the younger audiences due to her curvy body and iconic bad girl glasses.

Pink_Sparkles, whose real name is Izzy plays mostly League of Legends but it’s her “In Real Life” moments that get a lot of attention. She’s quite controversial on the streaming platform due to being overboard at times.

As far as her League of Legends stream goes, her favorite champions are Miss Fortune, Morgana, Vi, and Sona. Love her or hate her, Pink_Sparkles brings in the viewers with 822,969 followers on Twitch.


Nicole Echols is a young gamer trapped in a mature woman’s body. Going by the Twitch name Kneecoleslaw, Nicole is witty, funny, and has a good sense of humor in her streams.

Not only does she have good looks and vital stats, but she is also pretty much a good gamer as well. She currently has 362,312 followers on her Twitch channel.

She deals with blunt questions and horny viewers on a regular basis but Kneecoleslaw is loved more for her quality game streams more than anything else.


Lilchiipmunk is such a Eurasian hottie. She doesn’t look like your average gamer but she’s a self-proclaimed nerd deep inside.

She was born as Caroline and raised in Canada. She’s half Romanian and half Vietnamese, which explains why she looks like a girl on a JDM street race. Lilchiipmunk speaks fluent Hebrew as well.

Her choice of games is not very diverse because she’d rather focus on games she really likes.  Her ex-boyfriend introduced her to League of Legends, which she is often seen playing on her stream.

Aside from League of Legends, 439,108 followers on Twitch get to witness Lilchiipmunk play Diablo III and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive every now and then.


Djarii is one of the UK’s finest. The 22-year-old England-born gamer currently lives in Scotland to live her dream of playing video games while keeping it sexy on cam.

She’s been a gamer since she was a young girl being an avid Game Boy and PlayStation player. Djarii plays PC games lately streaming strategy games such as StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and role-playing games like The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher.

Twitch streamers need a sense of humor which Djarii has a lot of. Her personality isn’t only popular on Twitch but also on her YouTube channel.

Those good looks aren’t only eye candy for gaming. Djarii is also a talented make-up artist and Art and Design major. She sometimes paints her body on her streams, showing her artistic side.

She’s the true definition of a talent’s “hustle and grind” as she streams on Twitch on almost every day. Those 351,713 followers are definitely well deserved.


CInCinBear has it all. She has the look, she can play, she can do business, and is doing quite well on Twitch with over 8 million views.

Her soft spots are anything anime since she’s an avid cosplayer. Her personal store has some of her best cosplay shoots at a very reasonable price. CinCinBear is armed with looks to kill and always dresses to kill.

She plays Overwatch mostly but can also play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft and Minecraft from time to time.


Morberplz is kind of a mystery as she does not give too much of herself on social media.

All we know is that her name is Michelle and she’s got such stunning looks. Plus, it adds to her game that her name sounds like she’s asking for more. So, More Beer Please?

She isn’t the quintessential gamer as well as she prefers indie and horror games. She usually streams Hearthstone, Firewatch, World Of Warcraft, and Truckin when she’s not doing ‘In Real Life’ videos.

Since she wants to be mysterious, we all can use a chase and see how much more does she have to offer.


Mhova didn’t plan this at all. The Dallas freelance model only did streaming as a hobby but just like people with no plans, it turns out to be more profitable for them.

Her real name is Morgan, she’s 26 and she plays Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Destiny and sometimes Fallout 4 and H1Z1 during her spare time. She often plays Grand Theft Auto where she does missions with a crew rather than play solo.

She likes yoga and loves pets, especially her brown cat named Brain. Mhova is definitely making coin on Twitch which leads us all to wonder what more if she does this full time?


ClaraBabyLegs loves to tease.

The controversial gamer usually into trouble in her streams due to provocative behavior and explicit content. Her social media accounts get banned often that it’s hard to catch whenever she actually streams.

Clara used to be in a relationship with fellow gamer and streamer Bashur but even that was surrounded by a lot of controversies.

She has moved to camgirl sites so as to get away from the strict regulations and bans. Regardless of platform, ClaraBabyLegs is seen playing games, Overwatch, Battlefield, Resident Evil and Call of Duty.

Either way, Clara sure wants to play.

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