Sanguine Rose – The Future of Erotic Novels

Today we have the tremendous pleasure of reviewing more than simply an adult video game. Indeed, Sanguine Rose is an erotic novel, set in a medieval fantasy world where your imagination can run wild. Although it’s not easy to break into the oversaturated market of erotic novels, Sanguine Rose is a game that stands out due to its masterful story, fast-paced action, gory violence and highly erotic visuals. Only one word can describe it: masterpiece.

Created by Duski and the programmer Hallows, Sanguine Rose is a throwback to the old-school photorealism art style of 90s gaming. Players are treated to a strong and fulfilling backstory that helps you understand the events leading up to the beginning of the game. The lore here actually has a purpose, which is always refreshing to see.

You play as Roman, the leader of a band of mercenaries who must successfully kidnap Amarinthia’s High General, a beautiful woman named Carmen Valentine who leads an army that is trying to reestablish a continental empire. As you plan your next course of action, with your fellow men by your side awaiting orders, Carmen Valentine is determined to do whatever it takes to escape from captivity.

Carmen Valentine is not only a fearless leader but also a skilled solider. Additionally, she is also an extremely seductive and charismatic hedonist, so expect her to use her full skillset to play mind games with you and the other mercenaries. It’s up to you, Roman, to keep your men in check and make sure Carmen Valentine doesn’t escape. Soon you’ll find yourself hiding out in the local city of Skagen, trying to keep a low profile and stay out of sight until you deliver Carmen and collect your pay.

Withstanding the Powerful Allure of Carmen Valentine

This mission will not be easy for Roman; you have quite a task on your hands. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Assisting you are three other mercenaries, each of them with a different set of skills at your disposal. There’s Glasha, the full-blooded female orc who loves to fight and get drunk; Markus, a sly, smooth-talking rebel who earns a living by selling off information and stolen goods; and finally Crow, a half-blooded orc who will act as your guide while you hide out at Skagen.

Carmen Valentine, however, will prove to be a formidable opponent. As the story unfolds, you will come to understand the games erotic themes and background. Not only is Carmen highly intelligent (much more so than Roman and his gang), she can also seduce anyone with the use of her body and mind. That you’ve sequestered her in her sexy lingerie will not go unnoticed by neither Roman nor his crew. They will all soon have their hands full with this provocative war goddess.

Carmen, from house of Valentine, is a fascinating and dangerous character. Trained from a young age in the arts of combat and seduction, her behavior is both sensual and malicious at the same time. She makes this adult video game/erotic novel move forward. Her actions, demeanor and seductiveness will keep you glued to the screen and coming back for more!

Much More than a Game or Erotic Novel, Sanguine Rose is an Experience

If you’re looking for something different and extraordinary, unlike any other adult game on the market, Sanguine Rose is worth taking a look at. Though there are hundreds of similar titles out there, Duki’s unique art style and concepts makes this one of the most original games/erotic novels to be launched in recent years.

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