These Naked Photos of Amanda Cerny Are Lust-Worthy!


I still remember those days when I used to hide a Playboy magazine in a shoebox underneath my bed so my mom won’t see. I guess most porn lovers these days can relate. 

So yeah, maybe I can say that I’m a huge fan of Playboy. Well, who wouldn’t be? With all those delicious-looking babes they feature every month, every hot-blooded man might be hooked. 

If you’d ask me who my favorite Playboy model is, then I might tell you that it’s Amanda Cerny. In my opinion, she’s the prettiest and sexiest chick I saw in that magazine. 

I’m so obsessed with her that I even made sure to know about her personal details. She was born on June 26, 1991, and was named by her parents as Amanda Rachel Cerny. She’s of German, Italian, and Czech descent. 

Amanda became the Playboy Playmate in October 2011

I heard that she started her modeling career when she was just 15 years old. But later on, she admitted that she only did that for fun. 

She only took it seriously when the Playboy Playmate of October 2008 named Kelly Carrington (who happened to be one of her college buddies), convinced her to send some of her photos to Playboy. The people behind the company loved her shots and the next thing she knew, she was on her way to LA to jumpstart her professional modeling career. 

When she was done working with Playboy, she still continued accepting modeling gigs which are mostly focused on glamour photography. 

Amanda even made her feature film debut in “The Bet” which was a comedy movie. Yes, she knows how to act like Maitland Ward

I guess that’s enough info about our luscious goddess so let’s get right to her jerk off worthy images. 

Amanda in the nude

Amanda Cerny

Wow! Isn’t she sexy and beautiful? If she’s my girlfriend, then I may not have the energy to get out of bed every morning, if you know what I mean. 

Just look at those seductive eyes, perky boobs, and cleanly shaven pussy. Oh, how I’d love to see a full view shot of her lady parts.

Maybe I should save this one on my computer so I can look at it whenever I want. It might be better if I set this as my phone’s wallpaper but I don’t want anyone seeing this goddess. Yeah, I’m that selfish. 

Amanda’s tits and bum

Amanda Cerny

She’s so perfect, don’t you think? I can look at her all day and never get tired. I think she also enjoys teasing me

I don’t know if you’d agree, but I think that she’s really a cutie on this one. And those eyes again man! It seems to be a portal taking me to another world that’s full of her glorious nakedness

Aah… it’s only the second photo and I feel like I’m going to explode already. I can control myself but I’m not sure if my junior down there still can! He has a head but he has no brain. 

Amanda flaunting her pussy

Amanda Cerny

Now, what do we have here? Oh my! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I know that she’s still clothed on this one but dude, this is the closest thing I can get to seeing Amanda spreading her legs for me. 

At least, I now have an idea of what her pussy might look like. But of course, I’m still hoping for more naughty shots soon. 

I love that fierce look on her face and those pink nipples of hers. I can lick and kiss that all day if she allows me to. 

Amanda’s cute pussy lips

Amanda Cerny

Oh, the innocence on her face on this shot makes me love her even more. Is there even a time that she’s not seductive?

I can really feel how confident she is in showing her nudity for everyone to see. After all, she has nothing to be ashamed of. That body is perfect!

All I can say is: More please, I’m begging you. 

Amanda as a playboy bunny

Amanda Cerny

Aah… my heart! I don’t know how many times a man can fall in love but I feel like I fell for her dozens of times already. 

I mean, just look at her. She’s flawlessly gorgeous

How I wish that I’d get the chance to meet her in person in the near future. It’d be an honor to be just in her presence. 

Here’s my final say

Did you enjoy my compilation of Amanda Cerny nudes

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