Here’s A Bunch Of Sensual Cosplay Photos From Lara Loxley For You to Ogle Today

Halloween really is the best excuse to play dress up, because it allows everyone to spruce up and channel their inner goddesses and let them all out to play.

The claim to fame of such activities, like cosplay, lies in the fact that it is one of the simplest games out there that even the adults can indulge in. By taking in a persona and acting in character, some people get to play the personality of their choice, if only for a short time.

For sex, there’s also what is known as cosplay porn and sex…

Whether it is cosplay porn or sex, it naturally means the woman or man in character. It’s like dream pretend, yet with better outfits and greater responsibility, says sex advisor Debra Laino, D.H.S.

Apparently, Lara Loxley like this dream pretense, and has left for us some really hot numbers that are giving men hard-ons. Her solo shots are awesome, so even just for today, it’s best to stick with the old faithfuls.

If you are ready for them, here are some of Lara Loxley’s hot photos.

Simple Nudes

We all go through libertine phases in our lives when we take a free-minded attitude toward nudity. Aging refines us, causing reservations of certain sides of ourselves behind closed doors. Apparently, Lara Loxley is not one to dream of being private since she seems quite ready to go all out in creating a future nude past.

The Witcheress Ciri

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (more popularly known as Ciri) is the  lead heroine of The Witcher franchise. This stunning witcheress makes you want to think of giving her soft, slow kisses along with a bit of rough play. Because Ciri is highly likely to be bisexual, you can actually imagine inviting a third person, and enjoy a passionate threesome bliss! Or if you’re a voyeur, you can watch Ciri pleasure another woman to your heart’s content. Afterall, this witcheress is a horny little bitch!

The Witchking of Angmar

Much like Ciri, it seems our little girl Lara also swings both ways. If not, why else would she pick to cosplay the Witch-king of Angmar, an indestructible wraith with the appeals of a tough warrior and a sly strategist. If you love women and wish to experience firsthand being in a bisexual relationship, then our Lara Loxley will be more than happy to figure it out with you on the fly. Even if it means doing it over- and over and over and over… again.


Contained Boobs

Share the sentiments of Lara Loxley’s followers who think, “Can we immediately seek out and destroy all those bras so you have to go back to the ones that don’t contain them?” in response to her post about finding a sports bra that can contain her twins.


Martika or Marilyn?

Whether you are a fan of the old stars or not, it is a bit tough not to recognize popstar icons of old. It is in this belief that we ask, do you think Lara Loxley here looks more like the professional slacker Martika, or could it be that she looks more like that sex-on-legs Marilyn Monroe? What do you say?


The Queen of the Sea

Queen Mera, a character popularized by the notorious desire for everything about gods and goddesses, did not escape Lara Loxley. This redhead lived through life of betrayals and suffering, making men all over the world want to rush to comfort her. But, she’s a strong character in her own right, making her look approachable, but not quite.


Care for some hardcore doggy style?

Lara Loxley seems to favor the backdoor, so for men who like going doggy, these photo sets are perfectly curated just for you. You could swing from the mild pussy pumping to the wilder anal or double penetration, and I’m sure you’ll think of so many ways to enjoy, too.

Surely, Lara Loxley has more to offer, but only for today, I believe we’d better get things going by having you masturbate instead of reading.

We hope you liked these Lara Loxley collection today, but if you feel that this is not enough, how about swinging by to see our Lara Croft Collection?

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