Velma from Scooby-Doo Shows What “Meddling” Really Means

Velma and Daphne do Scooby-Doo porn

Scooby-Doo inspired kids to meddle around and go on adventures. Velma had the potential to be the horny one among them all.

The gang of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby were always on their toes running away from a monstrous villain. The naughtier youngsters always thought of pairing these kids up with one another. It was so naughty that some even made porn parodies out of it.

There’s nothing supernatural about a good show and these Scooby-Doo inspired porn videos will show you how potentially wild things would have been if it were aired on Adult Swim.

Daphne’s Dildo

Daphne looks like that slutty rich girl in teen movies. It shows in how she’s portrayed in porn too!

Scooby-Doo’s resident redhead didn’t hold back in this Chaturbate portrayal featuring her and that nerd Velma. Instead of fighting over Fred’s affection, they decided to work together to put on a good wild show.

As you can see, these two incarnations of the Scooby-Doo girls aren’t interested in Fred at all. They’d rather go lesbo on each other as we all watch in envy as we see things we could barely get our hands-on.

The closest you could possibly get between these girls is if you have enough game to call for a threesome and ask the two girls to dress up as Daphne and Velma. Well, isn’t this the reason why they chose to broadcast on Chaturbate?

It shows that these two have potential had Scooby-Doo been an Adult Swim cartoon. Imagine Fred chasing Daphne only to get beat by Velma? Then here’s Velma being bi-curious with Fred to Daphne’s jealousy.

There are a lot of options if Scooby-Doo were made into a naughtier cartoon. The meddling was there to begin with anyway.

Velma Dinkley does JOI

Of all the meddling kids, Velma has the most potential to break out.

She doesn’t look bad as the character at all. She just lacked the fine-tuning that Daphne had with her upbringing. It was like the “hottie” and the “nottie.”

Anyway, this Velma will get you jerking off because not only is she teaching you how to, she also has the body and face you’d love to cum on!

Velma always had the potential to break out. We were just clouded by Daphne’s sophisticated hotness that we forgot how the jocks usually dig a Velma type of girl more in teen movies.

It seems like you’ll be having your eyes set on Velma more now whenever you chance upon Scooby-Doo when you are flipping channels. Looking at here will never be the same again after watching this JOI video.

She sure proves you deserve her more than she deserves you.

Scooby-Doo lesbian edition

Here’s another one with the two of the four meddling kids get involved. Why did Velma not fall for Daphne and go in a love triangle where Fred is the top? It’s something that triggers our Scooby-Doo fantasies even more.

Apparently, Velma reciprocates because she likes it more than anyone. Daphne may just be curious but Velma just knows how to jump on such an opportunity. That said, here they go again with some lesbian scenes.

These two went all-out with a wilder and sluttier reincarnation of the original characters. If they were rebellious, this is exactly what they would look like with their tattoos and revealing clothing. They are going to make out with each other in public too of course.

Well, for one, let us enjoy these two whenever they have porn videos of each other because we will never get the real cartoon to do that even if William Hanna and Joseph Barbera come back to life.

Maybe this will inspire someone to make a Hanna-Barbera for porn?

Fred cheats with Velma outside the Scooby-Doo van

What does Velma do with her alone time and she isn’t in the van traveling with her friends? Of course, she pleasures herself. Why else wouldn’t she when she knows she will always be Fred-zoned. Or does she?

Apparently, this Fred had other thoughts in mind. Instead of enjoying Daphne’s rich spoils, he figured why not help Velma satisfy her fantasies too? That said, he visits Velma during her alone time to make sure she gets the real thing.

To be honest, Fred’s cock is just how we expected it. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good thing. We’re after the storyline here where Fred cheats on Daphne with Velma. That would definitely be an awkward ride on the Mystery Machine if Daphne finds out.

Well, isn’t’ this the point if it all? We get to enjoy these things that will never happen when they are occupied solving ghost mysteries around America. This is probably one that happens behind the scenes.

Velma does it again!

Thanks to porn, we already know what Velma’s innermost desires are. She definitely likes a lot of cock and doesn’t hold back in showing her loyal fans.

Whenever we watch a cartoon, we usually have favorites and become fans of that character. Scooby-Doo has Shaggy and Scooby, of course, but maybe if we watch more Scooby-Doo porn videos, we’ll appreciate Velma even more.

The losers out there who are having a hard time scoring on girls will think Velma is the easiest catch. Will you still do when you see how slutty she could potentially be?

It isn’t enough that we see a ton of bi-curious Velma videos all over the internet on top of her self-pleasuring moments but now, she’s doing anal!

Velma looks like a hippie in this video with all the dim room lighting and the candles. Maybe she’s trying to meditate on what is to be done to her ass.

Well, she employs her trusty Fred dildo to keep her occupied as she showed us how it’s done! Then, a real guy comes in because we all deserve the real thing, don’t we?

Lucky for us, she was willing to open herself to us. Now, we wonder if we’ll ever see Maitland Ward cosplay as a meddling kid.

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