Lauren Summer: All About Sexiness

If you love checking out Instagram models, then chances are, you’ve seen some sizzling hot photos of Lauren Summer before. 

When I saw one of her pics, I instantly became a huge fan. With that hourglass-shaped body, it’s no surprise that plenty of men might be drooling over her sexy or nude pics. 

Anyway, I looked her up on Google and I found out that she was born in the US on August 10, 1994. And ever since she was a kid, she was already fond of fashion and modeling. When she got older, she became an Instagram sensation and she was famous for her modeling and hot topless portraits

On top of that, she was featured in the Playboy magazine in April 2017. So yeah, she might be one of my favorite babes from now on together with Amanda Cerny. After her modeling career with Playboy, she also accepted other gigs with Celebrations Magazine, Lucky Magazine, LIONS Magazine, and Fuse Magazine. 

As of this writing, Lauren has over 2.5 million Instagram followers. Aside from all those career achievements, she’s also the Brand Executive of Shagmag which is an uncensored and explicit magazine. It was founded by one of her good friends named Julia Rose whos’ also another drool-worthy Instagram model. 

Oh, wait… is it getting boring? Well, I hope you’ll keep reading because I’m about to show you Lauren Summer’s salacious nude pics! Have fun!

Lauren in her birthday suit

Lauren Summer

I got this one from Reddit. And dude, she looks gorgeously hot! I guess I can say that she’s on fire. 

Just look at that curvy body of hers and imagine her slowly walking towards you. Aah… I’d do everything to get close to her. I’m not sure if she’s aware, but I think she can make every hot-blooded man panting… literally! As a matter of fact, I have a rock hard package right now and it’s only the first nude. What can I do? I can’t help it!

Lauren and her beautiful boobies

Lauren Summer

Okay… breathe in, breathe out. My junior down there can’t calm down now after viewing Lauren’s magnificent breasts. Oh, how I’d love to gently squeeze those between my fingers until she moans in pleasure. 

I think this is the first time that I was happy to see someone wearing underwear. At least, it can help me slow down the erection that is rapidly building up down there. But I still can’t deny the fact that she looks so tempting in this image. 

Lauren’s hot stare

Lauren Summer

Now, what do we have here? It’s Lauren in a black and white photo. Well, even though it’s in black and white, she still looks stunning. And I can look at her all day. 

Imagine knocking on her door one day, and she opens it stark naked. I might be dropping the flowers that I’m supposed to give her if that happens. Unfortunately, all I can do now is ‘’imagine’’. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll see her in the flesh. 

Lauren buck naked on the couch

Lauren Summer

Do you want to know the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this picture? Well, I was hoping that this was the ‘’casting couch’’ if you know what I mean. It might be so libidinous to see her getting wet and wild on her first porno. But for now, all I can do is wait for that to happen.

Anyway, I really hoped that she spread her legs for the camera in this one so I can have a full view of what she has between those flawless legs. However, even though I don’t get a chance to see it, I’m pretty sure that it might be as irresistible as her. 

Lauren in a yellow lingerie

Lauren Summer

Wow! Even if I look at her photos forever, I may not get tired of it. I mean, just look at that wonderful body man!

I think this was an outdoor photoshoot, so I really envy those people who were around during the shoot. I bet they’ve seen something even better than what’s shown on this pic like maybe Lauren took off her underwear. 

Lauren tongue out

Lauren Summer

I really love her playful personality and I hope I get to see more of that in the near future. I don’t know if you’d agree, but I think she looks gorgeous on any angle. 

Let’s just keep hoping that she’d do more intense photoshoots soon. 

Here’s my final say

Did you have fun looking at this Lauren Summer’s nude collection

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