Photos From Yummy Kimmy That Will Help Your Hand Build an Intimate Relationship with Your Dick


The hand job is so high school. That’s a common misconception that a lot of people have about jerking off. After all, no self-respecting adult man will readily admit to still get off from jerking off all on his own after graduating from high school. It’s no surprise, but still, it’s not completely true that adult men don’t enjoy a good hand job every now and then, especially on solo nights.

Though most men probably got his first one while fumbling alone at home in front of an old copy of Playboy and a box of tissue, it is not something that grown-up men don’t resort to now and then. There’s no shame in creating a good relationship between your hand and your dick, even in your prime. If anything, it can probably add excitement to an otherwise stale sex life, especially if your time alone with your partner is relegated in the front seat of your car or in front of the dinner table with your kids.

Either way, this high school staple works, so here are some photos from Yummy Kimmy to help you rebuild your relationship with your long-disdained right hand.

Set it off by thinking about making out.

Naturally, just like any other activity, you need to start off with some sort of an introduction. Yep, your dick may be a part of your body, but remember, your hands have probably refrained from making intimate contact with your dick for a while, so of course, they need to be reintroduced.

This sexy photo from Yummy Kimmy is just the right thing you need to reintroduce your hand with your dick. You would probably start by having Yummy Kimmy rub her lady parts against your crotch area, so off you go, with your hand to set off your solo play.


Just like if you are with a partner, getting frisky is the way to go. If you are with Yummy Kimmy, you’ll want to feel her up, going as far up as her boobs and as low down as her thighs. She’ll most likely return the favor and rub you up and down to the outside of your thighs at first, before slowly going further inside. So, your hands should be somewhere progressively close to your dick, right?

Take it out.

Well, you won’t get anywhere without taking it out. So, with this picture of Kimmy showing off her bare pussy, go on ahead and take the whole package out, dick and balls both. Lube it up coz at this point, Kimmy’s pussy will probably be dripping wet in anticipation.

Start moving.

Imagine if you have Kimmy right there. This is probably just about the right time for your dick to slide into that wet and hungry pussy. So, take hold of your dick and slide it in. You probably want to slide from the shaft to the head and back, much like how it would be when you slide in and out of Kimmy’s pussy on display right here.

Getting harder yet? If not, tug at it as you imagine Kimmy would do. Remember, Yummy Kimmy is here exclusively to help you enjoy your solo play! Don’t you just wish you can actually pump in and out of this pussy that she’s offering up for your pleasure?

Go behind.

Yep, you read that right. With a partner, you’ll want to mix it up with different positions, like going on a doggy style with Kimmy in this photo. You can pump faster and push deeper from this position, while she begs you to keep giving her more!

Since this is for your fun solo play, when you feel that you are getting pretty close, imagine having Kimmy reaching out behind your balls and press hard. I’m pretty sure you’ll be curling your toes trying not to cum just yet!

Take our word for it, even with a girlfriend or a wife, getting off with your hand will still make you feel accomplished and satisfied.

For girls who are looking to please their man, note that a good hand job is always welcome. It’s naughty and surprising, and nothing’s better for some fun in a tight space. Just use lube, give a slow build-up, and remember to play with the balls. That should make the hand job no less fun than your regular adult sexytime.

Though of course, a good head is always welcome, especially if it will come from a girl as hot as out very own Lara Loxley!

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