Best Hentai Games to Explore

If you are looking for the best Hentai games out there, you’re in luck! Because now we have a list of that.

1) HuniePop

best Hentai games

System: Mac, Linux, PC

Release Date: April 6, 2015

Perhaps the best part about this game is that you can actually play this with only one hand. A hentai game developed in the West, HuniePop’s art has an anime theme style to it. Before you can even romance a lady, you need to date them first. The process involves reading their profile, knowing more about them such as their hobbies, what are their likes and dislikes, you know, typical getting to know dating questions. You do this by communicating with them and so that you get an idea of what presents you give to them later.

However, after this stage now comes the puzzle part of Huniepop. You have this Match 3 game wherein you have to line up three similar symbols in order to build up a meter gradually. As you progress, you will find out that it’s getting more and more difficult. But then again, you know this is worth it because if you are triumphant in winning the woman’s heart, then you are now treated with exceedingly racy language and visuals.

HuniePop is in fact 50% puzzle game and dating sim, which enables you to play the role of either a girl or boy that’s lacking skills in the romance department as well as have no inkling how to get them into bed with you. But all hope is not lost as you get some very helpful tips from Kyu—also known as the magic love fairy—so to help you navigate the wonderful world of dating ladies.

2) Lightning Warrior Raidy (Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi)

System: PC 98, FMT, PC

Release Date: April 8, 2008

Just who is Raidy? She is a wonderful warrior who wanders a lot that’s why she has already made a name for herself as the Lightning Warrior Raidy because of her skills when it comes to harness lightning.

The story is about Raidy visiting Saad town, and it’s already in a decomposing pitiful state, and all those young ladies living there have been abducted away by hideous monsters and held captive to a gloomy tower. Now, it is up to our protagonist in order to conquer the tower on her own and then rescue the victims.

You try to steer Raidy across dizzying corridors and fight monsters while getting there. As you begin below the tower, you also try to look for hints and essential things while fighting off female monsters wearing revealing clothes (that may distract you) throughout your whole expedition. As the protagonist, you got a choice in using weapons, attacking, escaping or defending and also choose to utilize her most potent weapon which is the Thunder Slash.

But the rewards will be worth it, aside from the occasional possible item drops, you will be awarded the artwork that features slain beasts in different stages of their nudity.

3) Honey Select

System: PC

Date Released: March 28, 2018

This game allows you to make your own customized character or you can also use what is already given in the game; you could have numerous choices like changing the rooms where you communicate with the girls, give them presents, talking to them, etc. In short, you will be in control of what type of sex scenes it is that you prefer. And yeah, this includes persuading a woman to perform certain things you always desire.

best Hentai games

However, just tread carefully because each woman’s character is different. Since you may require some sex positions they may not also want. Or even abhor. But, there is a big but! If she also gets aroused by it, then it’s most likely that she will carry on and will also like you notwithstanding if you treated her rough or gently.

Honey Select is more on the realistic side of things, so you may not like it if you are really looking for that anime-like stuff. But then again, if you’re hell-bent on the pornographic version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, then Honey Select would absolutely satiate that hunger.

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