The Invincible IronCock Fucks Sexy Toon Sluts

The Invincible IronCock is an adult game that’s simple and easy, but also loads of fun to play! With a title like The Invincible IronCock, you can pretty much guess what this game is going to be about. It might just be one of the coolest porn comic book parodies we’ve seen in a while at, and yes, we’ve seen quite a few over the last couple of years. The Invincible IronCock is a porn game we were really looking forward to playing and reviewing.

So, with that said, let’s go straight to the review and find out if this adult video game proves to be as fun and entertaining as it looks.

The plot for The Invincible IronCock is ridiculously straightforward. Hot women are being kidnapped all over the city by your archenemy the dark ironmen. Now it’s entirely up to you go around and save as many beautiful victims as possible.

You will find all kinds of different babes: brunettes, blondes, redheads, busy babes, black babes, white babes, tall babes, short babes – they all want to get rescued and fucked by you! Are you up to the job? Fly through the air and fire your laser beams straight from your hands to kill the evil ironmen.

The more hot girls you save, the sexier the rewards you will earn. As you can imagine, the “rewards” include hot sex scenes where you control The Invincible IronCock as he pounds tight toon pussy

Thankfully, The Invincible IronCock does not waste time in going straight to the action. Which is exactly the way we like it! Soon enough you’ll be flying around at night, searching for victims and enemies, shooting your lethal fireballs at the dark and evil ironmen.

You can fly around easily by tapping the arrow keys in the direction you want to move. Killing the dark ironmen is accomplished by hitting them three or four times.

Once dead, they evaporate and turn into sexy falling babes that need to be caught in midair before they hit the found. Save them by scooping them up and flying them to safety. It’s a hard job, but it has its perks. The Invincible IronCock is always rewarded for his work.

It doesn’t take a genius to play this game. Simply save enough hot toon babes from certain death and you will be rewarded with some of the hottest toon sex scenes to grace the internet. These babes will start things off by sucking your invincible cock, then, as you go deeper and deeper into the game, you will unlock hot new scenes featuring new and amazing sexual positions.

To fuck faster, all you have to do is move your mouse faster from side to side, rushing closer and closer to the orgasm. You can choose to cum all over a babe’s pretty face or on her big luscious tits. You decide!

The Invincible IronCock never rests. Even after fucking dozens of sexy babes, his cock is still rock-hard and ready for action! Thankfully, you will find no shortage of sexy toon sluts anxious for a hard iron cock pounding. The dark ironmen are up to their old tricks, and it’s up to you to save these girls from a tragic fate. Do you have what it takes?

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