Best Flash Sex Games & Where To Find Them

Adobe’s Flash has been a platform to use when it comes to playing online games. Things might have changed and it is not being used much like before but it still has its uses. The world of porn games still has much respect for adobe flash. If you are a fan of erotic games and you are wondering if it is possible to play flash games on your computer, you are in the right place.

This article will provide you with some of the finest flash sex games. Games that will stroke your libido and make you want more. We will also provide you with more info about the game. Most of them are free so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

Legend of Krystal

If you are a porn game lover, then you know hentai games are simply the best. Legend of Krystal is a hentai game and it is the latest version. The game has some amazing plot and most of all, sexy women. It is a game that will provide the sex you need in a porn game. It will also provide you with an amazing storyline to follow. It is easy to download and play.

School of Lust

This is another amazing adult game with lots of sex. It is a great combination of visual novel and RPG. You get to role-play an 18-year-old young man surrounded by hot girls wanting it from you. The game features are amazing and it is a very engaging game. The graphics are awesome. You won’t believe it is free.

Farm Stories

Farm Stories is an adventure game with lots of sex and will make you horny in its unique way. The characters in the game have some amazing personality and it takes time before they strip for you. It is not the kind of game that girls just strip for the sake of stripping.

 You have to up your game to have one do what you want. It has a unique way of preparing you for sex. This game is just so much fun. You can find it from Lessons of Passions. This platform has many other games that come at a price while others are free.

Fake Lay

This one is cartoonish but it is still fun. You can find it on Nutaku. The animation is great and the dialogues are amazing. It is easy to play and fun at the same time. The only problem is that it keeps nagging you with some ads. All the same, it is worth trying.

Booty Calls

Booty Calls is one crazy and fun game. It is a story about a princess (a mermaid) who will ask you to perform cunnilingus on other girls and collect some fluids from them. Before the sex and everything comes dating. You have to convince them. You do this by matching dialogues then a puzzle game.

It is fun to play but it burns slow. If you want a game that gets just right into action this may not be the one for you. It has some kind of currency that builds up with time. The coins build up slowly but you can purchase them with real money if you are not patient enough. It’s a fun game you should consider trying.

Behind The Dune

If you are looking for a free sex game with amazing graphics, this is the one. It also has an engaging plot and it’s full of adventure. It is a long game that will keep you glued to your screen for quite some time. If you stay true to it, you will be rewarded with erotic sex with hot ladies. From anal, hardcore, to lesbians. Every kind of sex you desire is in this game.

Top Sites to Find Sex Flash Games

The mentioned games are just but a few. If you want to find loads of them, these sites will help you out.


This is the place you will find more than enough flash sex games. From live-action, hentai, to parody. Everything you have been looking for is on this website. Visit today and enjoy all of them on one site!

Be it BDSM, anal or anything related to Hentai, you’d get it on Nutaku. Recently, they’ve released an Android app for gamers.

Adult Game City

You don’t even need to sign up to enjoy the sex games. They are just there waiting for you to enjoy!

Finally, you can also play adult flash games on our website. We have a wide collection of all types of flash games. Whatever may be your taste, we can help you with that. Check out our gaming categories now!

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