20+ Sizzling Abigail Ratchford Nude Pictures

Instagram sensation Abigail Ratchford, AKA the self-proclaimed Queen of Curves, is creating a style empire that’s left guys hard and horny all over the world. Pretty girls like her are definitely flocking to social media to make a name for themselves, just like hot Twitch streamer Amouranth did.

I mean, have you seen this girl? She’s a fuckin’ bombshell in every sense of the word. Perfectly tanned skin, doll face, and a figure that I’ve only seen in my dreams.

If you’ve been following her rise to fame, you already know what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, consider this your initiation into the Abigail Ratchford fans club. Check out these Abigail Ratchford sexy and nude photos!

Abigail Ratchford Hot Bikini Photos

Abigail Ratchford got her start as a lingerie and swimsuit model, gracing the covers of big-time magazines like Maxim and Cosmopolitan. And good lord, this girl knows how to show off those assets:

With boobs those big, I’m not even sure how she can still stand up without toppling over! and her family is as big as those hooters too, apparently.

She’s one of seven children — fifth in a lineup of three girls and four boys. Her mom eight siblings, and she has around 54 cousins.

How are those curves even possible??? Thank goodness she decided to become famous instead of her original dream, which is to become a veterinarian. That dream went out the window when she realized she was intensely allergic to dogs and cats. Oh well, their loss, our gain!

Here’s some juicy trivia for ya: our dear Ms. Abigail went to Catholic school. I guess being repressed when you were young tends to make you grow up, huh? And Jesus Christ, check out those leather straps on her thigh.

Guess her classmates saw her reality chops early because she was voted “Most Likely to Star on Desperate Housewives” by her peers. You weren’t wrong, you guys. In fact, you were right on target. The only difference? Abigail Ratchford had bigger dreams than just starring at one reality show.

Her big break came in 2013, when she agreed to a photoshoot with a friend who then posted the pictures on Instagram. Within weeks, those pictures were picked up by huge magazines like Barstool Sports, Sports Illustrated, and Maxim. 

3 months after that photoshoot, she set up her own Instagram account. She now has more than 7 million followers on that platform alone.

She was a semi-finalist at the Miss Pennsylvania pageant when she was 20, but she lost. Don’t worry, Abigail, you’re still a winner in our eyes!

She’s open about the work she’s done on her body. She’s hard fat reduction treatments, Botox, and lip fillers. She also goes for a spray tan every week. She also has tape-in hair extensions to achieve those gorgeous curls and volume.

Her monthly maintenance costs? A whopping $2,500 every month.

Looking like a goddess clearly doesn’t come cheap.

Abigail Ratchford Leaked Naked Pictures

I won’t blame you if this photo alone makes you nut. Check out that fucking ass. Perfect for some anal, rim job, or some good old ass pounding. I bet her eyelashes will still be on point after a hard fuck.

Yes please! Just imagine your dick in place of that lucky toy gun. Those lips wrapping around your cock and sucking you dry.

And man, those nipples through that wet shirt. This will haunt my wet dreams for sure.

Abigail Ratchford makes six figures every month, roughly $170,000. Not surprising with a sizzling bod like that. The Queen of Curves certainly has every curve in the right place, from that bouncy butt tho those round, firm tits. Do I even need to say I’m fucking jealous of that teddy bear?

If this isn’t the girl of your dreams, I don’t understand you. At all. Look at her — Abigail Ratchford is the ultimate woman! Those fantastic curls and beautiful face. Even her boobs and nipples are perfect.

Last year, she grossed around $200,000 for her custom merchandise, a paper calendar that features her every month in different poses. If this naked photo makes it on there, I’m going to buy the entire lot.

Another wet-shirt pose from Abigail Ratchford! We get a clearer look at her stunning figure and those tight abs. What I wouldn’t give to bend her over in that pool and fuck her brains out.

Abigail Ratchford Sexy Nudes

Here’s a fun fact about this babe: she has two cars – a Mercedes G-Wagon and a BMW X5 – but she’d rather Uber so she doesn’t have to let go of her phone.

Apparently she spends 95% of her day glued to her phone! If she shows us those tits, I’d let her ride me for free.

You’d think a girl like Abigail Ratchford would be picky. But if she had to choose between caviar and soup, she’d pick soup. Canned soup, to be exact.

She’s been quoted as saying “I love the Progresso low-sodium chicken noodle soup. I have it like every single day.” Soup’s good, but I’ve got something better she can swallow!

Like most of us, Abigail hates going to the gym. She does Pilates instead, which is why she’s so fit.

She loves baths! Abigail chills in her bathtub around four to five times a week. Bet she gets lonely in there alone. I’d love to get into that tub and lube her up inside and out!

BREAKING NEWS: Abigail Ratchford “hates guys who are in perfect shape.” She prefers dadbods. You hear that??? No need to have abs to have a chance with Abigail. Get on it, boys.

Abigail is scared of heights, clowns, escalators, roller coasters, and scary movies. I bet so many guys would love to protect her!

My Final Thoughts

If I had to name a perfect girl, it would definitely be Abigail Ratchford. She checks all those dream girl boxes — gorgeous face, slamming bod, and lively career. And she also loves dad bods! We’re definitely rooting for this Instagram babe, because I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see more of her in the future.

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