Nastya Nass: An Instagram Star With a Deliciously Attractive Physique

My friends always ask me why I’m always on Instagram. Well, it’s because of babes like Nastya Nass and Violet Summers who are enticing me with their sexy bodies. 

If you’re not familiar with Nastya, she’s a popular Instagram celebrity. Her IG account with username @nastya_nass boasts of over 7 million followers. Aside from being an IG star, she’s also a twerk dancing teacher, a model, and a fitness coach. 

Nastya was born in Ukraine on December 5, 1994. Her rise to stardom started when she uploaded twerking vids on her YouTube channel which has more than 900,000 subscribers. Her most popular clip was “Dura/Daddy Yankee – Dura Challenge/Nastya Nass”.

However, her first twerking video wasn’t uploaded on YouTube, but on Instagram in January 2016. Aside from twerking flicks, she also shared her vegan lifestyle and pics from her travels. 

Since she’s really popular, I tried checking out her nudes on the internet and I found tons of it. Well, that’s the way I like it. The more nudes, the merrier!

That said, I’d love to share those with you (because I’m not selfish). I want you to experience what it’s like while I was looking at her naked glory. 

So without further ado, feast your eyes in all of these Nastya Nass’ nakedness!

Nastya’s cute tits

Nastya Nass

I don’t know about you, but I already felt my junior down there on standing ovation. I just can’t help it, but Nastya’s boob is so tempting. I’m seeing only one so imagine what will happen if I see both! Double whammy for sure!

Anyway, is she trying to take off her undies in this photo? Because if she is, I’d really love to see that happen. It might be really nice to see that lovely bum sans the annoying clothing. 

Nastya sunbathing

Nastya Nass

Wow! She doesn’t mind flaunting her breasts for everyone to see. I bet everyone stopped in their tracks just to admire this beautiful goddess who loves to bathe in the sun. Aah… I just can’t get enough of that bombastic physique.

I wonder who took the photo. If this is a photo shoot, then they’re all lucky to see her bare beauty in person. 

Nastya’s huge bum

Nastya Nass

Let me touch that ass, please! Or maybe let me spank it instead. With that sexy derrière, it’s no surprise that a lot of men go wild with her twerking vids. Anyone in his right mind might love seeing her butt jiggle as she dances. 

As for me, this photo is more than enough. In fact, it might even make me cum in no time. Yes, that’s Nastya’s magic. 

Nastya in a one-piece

Nastya Nass

Oh, how I enjoy looking at her bum. I can even look at it all day long without getting tired. I get a good feeling that her favorite asset is her butt as she always showcases it in her photos. 

Well, if she’s my girlfriend, I wouldn’t mind making her wear revealing clothes just to make other men jealous of me. You know, because I’m the only one who can touch that booty wonderland of hers. Ha! 

Nastya’s busty ass

Nastya Nass

You’re making my life really hard, Nastya. How can I move on to the next nude photos when you keep me showing the goodies that make my cock go wild?

Do you know what I’m thinking right now? I’d love to lick and suck that gorgeous derrière and I won’t stop until she begs me to. 

Nastya’s side boob

Nastya Nass

What are you doing there, sweetie? I think there might be a lot of men there, and they’ll be ogling at your sweet bod. Well, I guess you can handle them. 

But if you need help, I’m always here for you. I feel like you’re interested in having some wild sex inside that large equipment. 

Nastya in the city

Nastya Nass

You look so hot in those high heels. As much as I want you to turn around and show me your beautiful face, I think this view is 10x hotter!

I can already imagine Nastya doing some hardcore sex up there while she’s leaning on that glass balcony. How exquisitely erotic!

Nastya’s beautiful derrière

Nastya Nass

No matter where she goes, she just enjoys teasing us with that fuckable ass of hers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a sex tape might leak soon. Maybe that’d give me a chance to have a quick peek at what she has between those legs. 

Perhaps she’s also into butt play too. Since she loves showing her buttocks, she probably won’t mind having anal sex as well. 

Nastya in a fishnet dress

Nastya Nass

Oh, Nastya, please turn around. You’re not wearing any undies in this photo and you’re wearing a fishnet dress. So yeah, it’s easy for me to see what you got there. But of course, it might have been awesome if you turned around, so I can see your irresistible lady parts. 

Do you think she’s cleanly shaved or does she have a bushy vag? Well, no matter how she wants her hair down there, I’d still love to see the goodies between her legs. 

Nastya’s cute butt

Nastya Nass

Her eyes seem to be a portal to another world. She’s so pretty but I have to admit that I can’t take my eyes off that ass. 

I know that I’ve seen that booty many times already but man, I just can’t get enough. I think I’ll only stop if I see those in person. But I’m not 100% sure about that. 

Nastya’s pussy

Nastya Nass

Oh, my! Let’s try to zoom in on this one. I hope that we can get a glimpse of that vag. Aah… you’re such a tease Nastya. I’m not sure if that’s pubic hair I’m seeing but it looks like it. 

Please lift your dress up a little more. You’re almost there!

Nastya on a tree

Nastya Nass

Have I ever told you that when I was a little boy I dreamed of becoming a tree when I get older? If only that was possible. 

If only this tree can orgasm, it might have cummed many times already just by feeling Nastya’s moist pussy on its branch. Ugh! Lucky branch!

Nastya skinny dipping

Nastya Nass

Woah! She’s in her birthday suit again. Can anyone tell me where this beach is? You know, so I can go there more often. Who knows? I might see her in the nude when I get lucky. 

Anyway, I’m really in love with her tan. As you can see, there are no tan lines on her upper body so chances are, she prefers sunbathing in the nude. Too bad she still has her undies when she’s getting her tan. 

Nastya’s booty up close

Nastya Nass

Yes, closer baby! It makes me feel like I’m there with you right now. I might save this one so I can look at it while I’m fapping. I’m pretty sure that it can help me orgasm in just a few minutes. 

Continue taking care of that fantastic figure Nastya, so I’ll keep fantasizing about you at night. Sorry, I just can’t help it. 

Here’s my final say

Did you have fun with these nude and sexy photos of Nastya Nass? Well, I’m sure she’ll keep posing for libidinous pics soon. 

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