Monster Girl Island – Taking Video Game Sex to the Next Level

In the days of modern gaming technology and overabundant porn, sex and video games go together like hand and glove. However, this exciting phenomenon isn’t something new. If we go back to the early days of home consoles, it’s clear there have always been games with R and even X-rated content, and those games usually managed to stand out due to their shock value. Once you had heard about them, you definitely wanted to play them.

Today we’re going to be checking out an adult video game called Monster Girl Island. Marketed as an adult 3D experience with sexy monster girls, lewd and hardly any gameplay – that seems to be exactly what you’re getting. Though this exclusive game by Redamz has yet to be released, we’ve managed to get our hands on the official demo and are ready to provide you with a detailed review of what to expect once it made available.

Monster Girl Island was inspired by a previous porn game by the same developer called Monster Girl Quest. If you’re unfamiliar, Monster Girls are animated Japanese babes who are more or less monster-like mishmashes between animals (sharks, spiders, dragons, etc.) and women. The Monster Girl saga is an eroge (erotic Japanese video game) series that became a big hit and amassed a considerable fan base in the west and throughout the world.

The story for Monster Girl Island unfolds as follows: you are a man who’s been stranded on a deserted Monster Girl Island living with a sexy beast (Ara) for whom you must gather various kinds of food or else she will eat you. At the same time, there’s a side plot that has you helping her Monster Girl friends solve the mysterious disappearances of residents of a nearby elf village. Oh, and there’s plenty of sex involved, too.

An Extraordinary Experience in Virtual Reality Sex


The character design in Monster Girl Island is so sexy and realistic you won’t believe your eyes. These girls are cute, innocent, scary and unbelievably tempting all at the same time – you’ll be dreaming about taking a holiday on this sexy island soon! Make no mistake, the focus of the game is entirely on SEX. That’s why people play these games and it’s why you should want to get your hands on it, too! There’s nothing like it in the gaming industry.

However, what truly makes Monster Girl Island stand out is not the explicit sex itself, but the fact that it is the first VR adult game to find its way on a PC. What makes this possible is the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Introduced as part of the Windows 10 operating system, Windows Mixed Reality provides a unique virtual reality experience with compatible head-mounted displays. Welcome to the future of porn video games!

So get ready to be blown away by the breathtaking first-person POV sex scenes. This groundbreaking VR experience will make it feel like you’re actually having sex with the Monster Girls. Add the cool graphics and lifelike characters, and you’ll have more than enough reasons to download a copy of Monster Girl Island.

Monster Girl Island Release Date and Expectations

Sadly, there’s still no official release date for Monster Girl Island. However, you can find a few demos on the Redamz Patreon page. From there you can get a taste of what this upcoming 3D video game has to offer and even make donations, which can allow you to have certain influences over the game development. Donators (pledgers) are allowed to participate in online discussions and vote on specific characters and plot twists, which is very cool if you ask me.

If you like Hentai porn and 3D adult games, Monster Girl Island might be the ultimate VR gaming experience. Play the demo once and you’ll be anxiously awaiting its release. It’s fun, sexy and ridiculously addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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