GamCore Review


Every once in a while, you tired of just watching porn with only your junk or pussy to play with. It gets boring after quite some time does it?

How about play with something instead of playing with yourself? What if you have human bodies to play sex games with?

Let’s take some time to reminisce about the age of flash porn games.

Free sex games online

Back then, we less-privileged teens would rather entertain ourselves to java and flash games rather than engage in teen sex. We found it cool whenever we found out a new sex game of that nature.

We loved playing hentai games every once in a while, as we played shootaround games with our fictional junk shooting cum on our enemies. There was also the dress up games where we enjoyed the cartoon bitches with their clothes off rather than the slutty clothes you can customize on them.

That’s why we are happy that even though it came at a later time, there’s still a sex game site that people can patronize.

Enter Gamcore



Gamcore is a good place to feel nostalgic about all those different porn games. The porn games got better with some of them already available in 3D. There’s even gay sex now!

Aside from that, you’ll encounter the usual hentai games as well as the sexy gambling games. All these games are free to play and no registration is required.

The site reminds me of playing flash games on except this one is full of porn games.

A basic site, good porn games… well, not all though.

gamcore games

Gamcore doesn’t need any elaborate webpage design as it aims to provide quality in its content.

The list of games is random but you can find a specific genre by selecting a category on the left side. Some games are good, and some games are bad. The 3D games, on the other hand, have potential.

Just don’t get caught in the ad tricks. A website has got to earn to sustain right?

Don’t get caught in the ads

gamcore ads

Maybe the ads are meant to be clicked to give the site a higher profit. That’s a small price to pay I can say.

The website makes the ads look like it’s part of the regular games. There’s a huge chance you’ll click an ad instead of the game.

Besides, then you’re likely to need the products in the ads at some point in your life.

Tip: if it says “2018” and “sponsored,” it’s definitely and ad.

Check the ratings

gamcore rating

An online porn game site is just like another website where it’s a hit or miss. You can find a game with a good thumbnail, a good synopsis only to be disappointed with its gameplay.

It is highly recommended for you to check the green thumbs up icon for its ratings below the synopsis as it’s going to give you an idea of how previous players graded their experience.

There’s also a view count icon beside the rating to see how many people have already played the game because ratings can fool you sometimes. Will you believe a 100% rating if only 10 people have played the game?

Exactly my point.

The good

You’re not expecting Rockstar Games-type quality on the games so let’s not talk about the actual gameplay and graphics.

Compared to downloadable porn games, Gamcore can instantly satisfy you as you don’t need a very fast internet connection to get each game to run.

I like the thrill of browsing through over 3000 games just to find something we can focus on. Weird but it’s what makes it similar to actual porn video gallery.

Besides, you can make your life easy anyway by choosing among the top-rated or the top favorites. There’s also the genres which will filter your search according to what you want.

The bad

There aren’t a lot of bad sides except maybe the fact that the site exaggerated on ad placement. Though side and bottom ads are common, the ones embedded could be a pet peeve to the frequenter.

The ugly

The ugly part is its platform in general. The site still runs on flash despite several advanced online systems that can power such. I’m sure the number of ads placed on the site is enough to take care of costs for that.

I’m sure Gamcore is aware that most of its competitors have evolved out of flash already. They might just be the typical “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” even though time has passed their system by.

It’s like a rich farmer sticking to his ole’ rust-rotting, vintage-looking Chevy truck just because the engine hasn’t died yet.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not shitting on the porn games site.

I enjoyed my visit to Gamcore. I wish there were more of these (or could have found out about it) back when I used to be a slave to Miniclip and Newgrounds flash games.

The games are fun even if the graphics suck. I can’t say I enjoy it less than the HD nudity on a PS4 game.

The important thing is that it still satiates your fantasies. I must admit that the quality of graphics didn’t get in the way of me having a unique fap session out of it.

Friendly tip: use your imagination a lot!

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