Why Men Secretly Loves Princess Leia of Star Wars More Than Other Girls


When citing a slew of strongest, most important, or most loved female characters in any genre (yes, including cosplays and pop culture, too!), Princess Leia of Star Wars never fails to make the list. It seems like a lazy and easy road to legitimacy because, let’s face it, people love Star Wars! Besides, Leia may not exactly be the most perfect woman, but without her we probably won’t have Korra or Xena or Ripley. Besides, who doesn’t recognize that doughnut hair? And who wouldn’t love a woman who carries a blaster?

We can list all the attributes that Princess Leia has, but what nobody ever questions is why Princess Leia actually belongs on those lists. And she does, believe me! Maybe we just like to leave it at that, or maybe it’s because of how spunky she really is. Or it could be because she sees goodness where others don’t, but Princess Leia is everyone’s favorite rogue-smuggling modern-day princess.

That she already had the regal princess title is in fact one of the primary reasons we find it hard to say why Princess Leia is awesome. After all, who would dare offend a princess who uses the force like the best Jedi warriors?

Princess Leia’s character in detail

Of course, Leia being a princess isn’t a problem, but with George Lucas building the whole of Star Wars trilogy while referring to a lot of Joseph Campbell mythology, it necessitated the most common plot trope of all time: rescuing the princess. Whether it’s good or bad is all entirely up to you as viewer, but to me, Princess Leia being delegated to the damsel in distress state is not too appealing. After all, her character is as cool and defiant as can be in the face of Grand Moff Tarkin and Vader. But then her planet had to get blown up, and she ends up being stuck in a cell and tortured for information. Thank goodness for the two young men and their wookiee friend who showed up to bust her out!

Naturally, with her character built the way it was, being delegated to the role of the damsel in distress did not stop Leia from doling out one-liners faster than even Han Solo can make smart retorts. Nor did it make her any less tough in the face of more powerful enemies who could actually just get rid of her if she became too annoying to deal with. Fortunately, the need for Leia as Star Wars’ resident damsel in distress remains more important than anything else, in case Luke Skywalker loses the very reason for his first adventure before blowing up a Death Star. That’s Princess Leia for you, the Star Wars resident prize, as princesses are always meant to be.

While this makes it easier to ignore what came before and what goes after for the unsinkable Lady Organa, it did not in any way reduce her importance. Leia did not introduce herself to Darth Vader as a Princess of Alderaan, when they met on the Rebel Blockade Runner for the first time. Instead she identified herself as “a member of the Imperial Senate.” This made her more a politician than a princess, and one whose role is important enough that nobody can snort at the thought. At least, that’s all anyone in the Empire can prove at the time.

Of course, Princess Leia is also one of the key members of the opposing faction known as the Rebel Alliance, a leading voice at the core of the Empire insurrection. Knowing that the Empire has been in place her entire life, and that Bail Organa has been fighting it all the way from the very beginning, it is easy to tell how Leia’s life has been. Surely, it can’t be all balls and servants and tiara-wearing. She was, after all, raised in a political household – one who has been working to overthrow a dictatorship. She probably never had classes in curtsying, but we’re sure she was thoroughly schooled and trained on how to hold up under interrogation, conduct her affairs in secret, and keep her cover stories in check. Now, what kind of man wouldn’t want a woman who looks fragile but can weather even the harshest torture? Sure sounds like someone who could make for an extreme session of BDSM, if you are the type who dare venture in such extreme bed play!

Outside the political arena, Leia, both as a princess and a lady rebel, still manages to be an impressive Star Wars figure as a whole. As practically the only woman in the entire Star Wars plot, Leia’s position can be pretty infuriating, but George Lucas still created an entire bubble of a universe where Leia’s feminine charms were never used as a reason to question her authority. In fact, it made Star Wars quite similar to how Ronald Moore’s Battlestar Galactica construct in such a way that while there are problematic depictions from the audience point of view, the entire fictional world that Princess Leia occupied ultimately remained indifferent of how we seem to view gender in the real world. This is particularly noteworthy before the Battle of Hoth started—when Leia was instructing the pilots on their escape plan. Note that not even one rebel in the group wanted to know why a non-pilot woman is giving them their orders. She’s an effective general, and despite the fact that she is the main point of most rescue, she is afforded every respect worthy of a leader.

Leia’s love life

Her relationship with Han Solo is surprisingly progressive for a “princess.” Her level head displayed prominently during their capture in Cloud City is not of the typical princess. Despite seeing Han being tortured and great possibility of losing the one love of her life, her character did not degenerate into the teary woman typical in other shows. The strength she displayed when she escaped and lived to prepare to fight for another day and get him back is yet one of her charms. Princess Leia tapped on the inverse at work and after being rescued, she performed a rescue of her own, with her own perfect disguise to boot! That is, until she abandoned the disguise. LMAO!

In fact, compared to Princess Leia, Han seemed more like a sissy, when he panicked and called on Chewie when Leia got hurt at the Battle of Endor. Leia’s characteristic level head once again reared up and she dispatched some Storm Troopers even after being shot. The absence of the typical hysteria is et another characteristic that makes Princess Leia any man’s dream girl. Imagine getting hitched with a woman who doesn’t fret over every little thing and absolutely fall to pieces when her man gets hurt? Well, if you don’t love Princess Leia yet, I’m not sure what will endear her to you even more! To me, this sort of courage is nothing short of hot!

When Leia was forced to be a sexual object for a crime lord? Imagine what she did! She choked him to death and escaped! When her stealth party was found, she hunted them down with the enemy’s own resources. Time and time again, we see that there is nothing that this woman cannot do. She even made Luke and Han look practically incompetent. This decisive Leia is definitely the one that kept all the major characters of Star Wars together.

Which is why, it wasn’t surprising that in the Star Wars Extended Universe novels, Leia became the New Republic Chief of State. Sure, she married Han and had a few kids. Then, she’s off to run and manage the whole damn galaxy. Between her brilliance and Luke’s rebuilding of the Jedi Order, Anakin Skywalker shone and balanced the Force with everything else. Thanks to Princess Leia!

Leia is a solid piece in the entire Star Wars story, which is the primary reason Amidala doesn’t hold up in the prequels. Though they seemingly shared a similar nature, Padme only ever cames off as a faded version – much like a washed out Leia after Lucas scrubbed her squeaky clean, and left her too long in the sunlight. All the vibrancy that is all present in Leia was bleached out in Amidala, making her a poor rip-off.

After all, Leia’s character is all about being a leader. While the honorary mentions of Amidala and the others are nice, it’s far less than Princess Leia who didn’t exactly get the spotlight she deserves. That is, unless we’re talking about horny adolescent men who keep hounding this character for some sexy spinoff.

This sexy dream of seeing Princess Leia on a lighter note other than a conservative feminist hero was made to happen in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, when after sluglike gangster Jabba the Hutt took her as a hostage, she was forced to wear what eventually became an iconic metal-and-leather bikini which fans lovingly called her “Slave Leia” outfit.

Slave Leia

Princess Leia’s outfit — known in fan shorthand as Slave Leia — does have a vexed history. Though the costume has become culturally iconic in a way that has appeased all the male fans’ hunger for skin from the only prominent female character, it also made for a slip from the context of the scenes in which Leia wore it. Nor did it help fans focus on the things she had to do after she was forced into the outfit.

As Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) herself said, “There are a lot of people who don’t like my character in these movies; they think I’m some kind of space b—-.”

She probably is, but as she pointed out, “She [Leia] has no friends, no family; her planet was blown up in seconds — along with her hairdresser — so all she has is a cause. From the first film [‘Star Wars’], she was just a soldier, front line and center. The only way they knew to make the character strong was to make her angry. In ‘Return of the Jedi,’ she gets to be more feminine, more supportive, more affectionate. But let’s not forget that these movies are basically boys’ fantasies. So the other way they made her more female in this one was to have her take off her clothes.”

Though Fisher herself admitted that the new metal outfit was nothing like a bikini, it sure made up for the male fans’ fantasy. Since it’s metal, it doesn’t always go where it’s supposed to go. It’s the perfect recipe for a nip slip. It would have made the boys happy if the “hooters” went out of place or the tits showed up when they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, Fisher called George off by saying, “You have the rights to my face. But you do not have the rights to my lagoon of mystery.”

Nonetheless, it was true that a lot of “Star Wars” fans, especially the men were so blinkered by the sight of the almost naked Princess Leia. This is after all, after she has been so covered for most of the movie. Most of them missed the context of the scene, turning it into some sort of a mini-trope in popular culture.

But, it did make for men’s dreams of a sexual fantasy about Leia in captivity. “Every guy our age loved that,” some claimed. Apparently, it’s a huge thing. “The moment when she stopped being a princess, and she became, like, a woman.”

In any case, having turned into a woman, Princess Leia became an iconic character that even women in the adult industry cosplayed as her, if only to capture a portion of her male fans’ fantasies.

Lia Freda

Keep your Jedi deam alive and your orgasm close with this sexy image of a redhead Princess Leia. Lia Freda’s good-girl-gond-bad sweetness still shows while she flaunts those pair of globes you know you want to feel up, explore, and taste. Plus, with her sexy body paired with that face that speaks cold and aloof, who would dare say no when she asks any man to worship her?

Lucy Lush

With the sight of those round and jiggly peaks hovering just above your eyes like they’re waiting for you to lick them, just how long can you resist?

Mia Lelani

Mia dressed in what is known among fans as the ‘Slave Leia’ outfit, is bent with her needy pussy and ass up in the air for you to take? Which hole do you want to fill and plunder first?

Milky Jenna

If you don’t like taking Leia from behind, then you won’t say no to Jenna’s Slave Leia offering. Jenna is more than willing to nurse you so latch on to those nipples and take your fill to your heart’s content. Fuck her hard too and make sure you don’t leave this hot MILF wanting.

Misty Gates

Misty is garbed up in the traditional Leia costume, but with her breasts on full display as she waits on the bed. Damn straight! It’s a come hither look no sane man can hold out on, so what are you waiting for, boys?

Rose Thorns

19-year-old girl gamer-turned-cosplayer Rose Thorns is definitely rocking the warrior Princess Leia look. Or could this be the one in swimwear?

Rebekah Rockhopper

This pinup Princess Leia on the bed is how our favorite rebel princess would look like in her underwear if she puts on a little weight. She looks just as hot with that corset on but you know you want to tear it off and fuck her mindless in that position right now. How about a mewling mindless Princess Leia for a change? I bet her pussy is aching for some hot action right now.

Beverly Hart

Beverly, aside from the doughnut hair, is nothing at all like our traditional rebel princess. But, wtf, who cares about the little divergence when she’s looking at you like she’s daring you to come and mess her up real good? Think she’ll be just as fiery in bed as she looks right now? Or will she be dominating you instead?

Pink Fox

Who can resist this busty Princess Leia in a Slave Leia outfit? Damn, I have half a mind to pick her off from my screen and do dirty deeds with her right now! That mouth will especially be getting some action if it’s all up to me.

Snake Princess

Whether she is the Snake Princess or the rebel Princess Leia is irrelevant right now. This cosplay porn set spells like hardcore sex it makes me think of sex from behind. Plus, the thought of spanking that awesome booty is making me pass out in excitement! I’d like to see that booty looking a little abused. Sooo hot!

In essence, it’s not really about her hair or the fact that she can fire a blaster or her lack of concern at being covered in Imperial garbage. It’s not even about how smart she had been to hand over the Death Star plans to those cute little droids before all hell broke loose. In the end, all the male love Princess Leia is getting is due to in part to her unconventional princess character and in the slave Leia outfit on the “Return of the Jedi.” Yep, you can squeeze your brain all you want and come up with a creative way of phrasing it, but boys will always be boys and being pretentious about their desires is not something that would change it.

In any case, since we are already clear about the male desire being strong enough to overpower all rational thinking, how about checking out a few more photos that would ignite that carnal desire and add some steam when you decide to engage in some solo play today?

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