Violet Summers’ Body Is Deliciously Sexy

Sexy Pattycake

There are several social media platforms these days but my favorite is Instagram because it contains loads of beautiful babes like Violet Summers

If you haven’t heard of this chick before, she’s an Instagram celebrity and she has over 5 million followers. She’s known for her fashion, lifestyle, and ravishingly revealing images

She posts most of her sexy pics on Instagram that’s why I made sure to check her profile regularly to see if she has a new post. 

When you try checking her IG account, you’ll know that she is a fan of wearing lingerie and skimpy swimwear in her photos. Well, I think that is what we can expect from her because she’s a model. As a matter of fact, Violet has been doing modeling since she was 17 years old. 

This chick is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic and she has even pursued her acting career. 

I guess she’s now on my favorite models’ list together with Julia Rose. I’d even love to see a collaboration between these two goddesses. 

Now, let’s get the ball rolling and look at these sexy shots of Violet Summers. Have fun ogling at this yummy babe. 

Violet spreads her butt cheeks

Violet Summers

Oh my! It’s only the first photo and I’m already sweating like I just finished a 50 km marathon. Aah… Violet, you’re so naughty! 

I love the view of your side boob and of course, your lovely pussy

Do you think I should save this on my computer? Hmm… I guess I should. So just in case, a copy isn’t available online anymore, I’d still have my own copy. Genius!

Violet in a sexy black lingerie

Violet Summers

Those tits are huge, don’t you think? I don’t know about you, but I think that she is really confident in flaunting her enormous boobies

However, it would have been better if she showed her nipples. For now, I’ll just be content on this. Who knows? Her sexy photos might be a teaser of what she’s going to show in the near future. Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

Violet shows her pussy

Violet Summers

Wait… I know what you’re planning to do. You’re planning to zoom in on this photo, right? Okay, go ahead now. I won’t stop you as I’m as guilty as you are. 

I know that we already saw her pussy earlier but this one’s different. I just want to get a view of her lady parts on all angles if possible. 

Anyway, this shot might have been extra special if she lifts her top a bit more. I would surely enjoy looking at her pretty boobs. 

Violet’s nipples 

Violet Summers

Aah… I don’t know what to do with you anymore, Violet. You’re fully clothed on this image but you still managed to get me hard down there. I guess it helped that you’re biting your lower lip in this photo. That is just so hot!

And of course, let’s not forget about your pointed nipples that are poking through your dress. How I wish that I’d get lucky and touch those boobies even for a few milliseconds. That’s enough time for me. 

I also love how simple but sensational she looks at this photo. She’s not even trying to be gorgeous, but I think that if she walks inside a room in this outfit, she’d be a head-turner. 

Violet in her running shoes

Violet Summers

Aside from the tiny lingerie she’s wearing that covers almost nothing, I also noticed that she’s wearing her running shoes in this pic. I don’t know if she’s going for a run or she just did this for photoshoot purposes, but dude, she’s stunning. 

If ever she goes out in public in this outfit, I bet that all eyes would be on her. Even girls might do sideways look just to check her out. 

It might also be nice to see those titties jiggling as she runs. What a sight to behold! 

Violet and her pussy lips

She’s showing her pussy lips! Oh my, I can’t believe I’m seeing this. But Violet, can you push your undies out of the way a little more? I would really love to see your entire vagina. 

Well, I guess she really enjoys teasing us and it worked. I can only imagine how naughty she can be in the bedroom. 

To Violet: If ever you decide to finally join the porno world, I’ll be your number one fan. I promise you that!

Here’s my final say

Did these drool-worthy photos of Violet Summers put a smile on your face today? 

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