Get Off On These Jessica Nigri Nude Pics

Jessica Nigri

If you’re like me who has a thing for cute cosplayers with huge breasts, then Jessica Nigri can be your new favorite cosplay chick. 

I remember in 2009, she put on a costume as a cute version of Pikachu during the San Diego Comic-Con. And from there, she soared to meteoric rise to fame. Also, after that, she cosplayed other video game and anime characters like Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann and Riku from Final Fantasy X-2. 

What I really love about her is her jovial and bubbly personality, her creative costumes, her smile, and of course, her huge boobies

When I did further research about her, I found out that she grew up in New Zealand and only moved back to the US when she was 12 years old. 

And the best things that I found during my research were these erotic and buck naked photos of Jessica Nigri. 

Jessica and her side boobs

Jessica Nigri

I have to admit, it would have been better if I can have a full view of her breasts but I guess I just have to be patient for now. After all, this is only the first nude on our list. 

Anyway, I can’t deny the fact that she looks freaking sexy on this shot. If someone’s sitting or standing across her, then they might have the best view. Just by looking at the angles of her feet, I have the feeling that her legs are spread a little, exposing those pussy lips. 

Jessica’s sexy back

Jessica Nigri

It seems that Jessica enjoys having a hot bath in her birthday suit. I’m not sure who’s taking the photo but man, if he’s a guy, he sure is lucky to have that opportunity. 

Maybe she’ll look sexier when she’s wet all over. Well, I guess that’s the thing with women, they look more enticing when they just got out of the shower or the pool. 

Jessica’s huge tits

Jessica Nigri

Aah… man! This is what I’ve been waiting for. I knew that her breasts would look more awesome without clothes. And here they are — her naked boobs!

I may not see her face, but I’m really hoping that this is really her. Well, when we’re going to base on the size of her chest, there’s a good chance that these are Jessica’s bosom. 

Jessica dressed up as a luscious Santa helper

Jessica Nigri

Jessica has a passion for cosplay and she seems to not mind wearing naughty outfits

Maybe if she’s going to be Santa’s helper for real, a lot of kids may not get what they wrote on their Christmas wish list because Santa may be distracted with her enormous tits. 

Jessica in a sexy photoshoot

Jessica Nigri

Wow! Jessica seems to be the kind of girl who can pull off any hairstyle and any hair color. 

No matter what she does, she still looks sizzling hot. I guess I might make a career switch soon and practice photography. I can only imagine how photographers have fun while taking photos of salacious ladies like Jessica Nigri. 

Jessica’s nude ass

Jessica Nigri

What a lovely bum! And that curvy body is to die for. 

It seems that Jessica is confident and comfortable enough to flaunt her body for everyone to see. That’s why I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she may do something nastier in the near future that can take me on the edge of my seat. 

I mean, just look at her. There may be more than what she can offer especially in the adult entertainment world. But I guess, for now, I might need to be content with her nude shots

Jessica takes a cock in her pussy 

Jessica Nigri

Some fans said that this photo is a fake or an edited image. But man, I don’t care as it’s the closest thing that I can get to see her doing porn. 

At least, this can aid my imagination a little when I feel like I need to release all my pent-up sex urges. I heard that there’s also a GIF version of this scene so I might look that up later. Who knows? Maybe that might be more intense than this image. 

Jessica’s trimmed pussy hair

Jessica Nigri

Let me end this with a bang, shall we? 

I tried really hard to find a photo of Jessica with her legs spread wide but I didn’t find any. 

But hey, at least I found this one. This may only be a front view of her pussy but the important thing is I now know how it looks like. 

Here’s my final say

I hope that you enjoyed these nude photos as much as I did. And yeah, you’re welcome!

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