Julia Rose Went Topless in Her Photoshoots

Julia Rose. Hmm… I think I’ve heard this name before. Yes, indeed I have. She was that lovely chick who flashed her boobies in the 2019 World Series. In fact, she made headlines that day together with her fellow Instagram models named Kayla Lauren and Lauren Summer. 

Now that she got me curious, I tried to look her up on Google and found out that she’s only 25 years old. She’s a glamour model and a reality star. Julia is also the founder of Shagmag which is an online publication that showcases pics of renowned Instagram models. 

I think what they did during the World Series was a sort of publicity stunt because they were all wearing tees with Shagmag’s logo emblazoned all over. After that incident, one of the trios posted the actual flashing video, and they were saying things like “save the boobies” and “donate to breast cancer”. 

Unfortunately, after that event, Julia Rose and Lauren Summer received letters from the Vice President of Security and Baseball Operations at Major League Baseball named David Thomas. The letter said that they are banned from future MLB events. 

But man — it turned out she was doing all provocative stuff as a marketing strategy for Shagmag and it actually worked. As a matter of fact, she’s now a hit on social media. 

Anyway, enough of that. I guess this is now the perfect time to share with you these topless photos of Julia Rose

Julia and her sexy ass

Julia Rose

Yes, I know that I might have said ‘topless photos’ but don’t you think that this luscious image of her deserves a spot on my list? Well, technically, she’s topless or shall I say stark naked. 

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy looking at her bum in this photo. And her eyes man — it’s like piercing right through me. I feel like she knows that I’m having a hard-on right now. Oh, Julia, forgive me as I just can’t help it. 

Julia’s nude tits

Julia Rose

Now, this is a topless photo. However, the best part is, it can also give us a sneak peek of her pussy behind that see-through lingerie. Perhaps some of you are trying to zoom in on this pic to get a better look. Don’t worry, I am guilty of doing that as well. I mean, who in his right mind wouldn’t try to take a closer look, right? 

And not to mention that those tan lines are making her really irresistible. 

Julia’s beautiful boobies

Julia Rose

Oh, how I wished that I was lying next to her in this photo. Honestly, I don’t think I can control my junior down there any longer. It’s trying to squirm out of my pants and wanting to be stroked. Aah… this Julia Rose magic is really taking its toll on me right now. 

I don’t know if you agree, but that body is to die for.

Julia shows her middle fingers

Julia Rose

So yeah, Julia is a naughty chick and I love it. And I also love her confidence when she struts around naked or almost naked. She’s been doing these for a while now and this is exactly one of the reasons why she’s famous on social media. 

She enjoys flashing her breasts in public with the purpose of promoting Shagmag. Like in this image, she’s wearing a Shagmag shirt so this can be also one of her marketing strategies and it seems everyone is enjoying it. 

Julia with bunny ears

Julia Rose

Aww, doesn’t she look cute? 

One thing that I really like about Julia is her playful personality and she’s showcasing it perfectly in this pic. She looked cute and adorable with her bunny ears and maybe she can audition to be one of the Playboy playmates. Who knows? We might be seeing her in Playboy’s centerfold soon.

Julia and a roasted marshmallow

I love roasted marshmallows but what I love more about this pic is the fact that Julia finally showed us her naked and cleanly shaven pussy. And those tan lines again man, I don’t know if I can resist the urge to fap anymore. I mean, just look at her. She’s freaking hot and sexy!

Well, if only, she could spread those legs a little wider so I can have a better view. And never mind the marshmallows as I now have a new favorite. 

Here’s my final say

Did you have fun looking at these topless nude photos of Julia Rose? Because I definitely did. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she might do intense nude photoshoots in the future. Or maybe join the adult entertainment industry. 

And yeah, your welcome!

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