Meet Tweetney, PornHub’s Sweet Anal Unicorn


You won’t see Tweetney live streaming video games but she sure has something else to play. She loves playing with her own ass!

You’re either going to cringe or love what Tweetney is doing to her butthole. She isn’t your typical gamer girl but she dresses like one. Someday you might see her streaming more wholesomely if she chooses to expand her craft.

Good thing we’re here to talk about this girl who will make your alan fantasies come true from the other side of the screen. It ain’t cotton candies like Lana Bee but she still specializes in a niche that will make the guys come back.

This isn’t the feel-good type of material. Tweetney knows what she can take and she knows what her fans want. Now it’s time we talk about her and her works more as we go on.

Feel free to tweet about and how we introduced you to this wild cosplay girl.

Meet Tweetney

Tweetney is your next Gen Z sensation. This cosplayer girl hasn’t explored all that there is to build her fanbase but at least she knows how to do business. She probably doesn’t want to expand without mastering one platform first.

She’s actually fairly new judging by her Instagram followers. She’s also starting to build herself on OnlyFans too based on her regular activity there.

Even Reddit has taken notice that this wild girl is more than just the cute clothes she wears. The contributors on her subreddit also puts emphasis on what she does best and that is an anal pleasure to herself.

Tweetney isn’t what you will call “cute” but she sure as hell isn’t ugly at all. The majority of the guys will still love falling for what she does best.

You’ll see almost all of her works on PornHub if you aren’t a paying patron yet on her OnlyFans page. At least you cheapskates can still enjoy her anal shows.

Your colorful anal princess

To be quite frank with everyone, Tweetney looks like an older girl who dresses to be younger. Well, she’s literally young at the tender age of 21.

There’s not much info on her on the internet because she’s probably just starting to break into the scene. Her PornHub numbers aren’t bad either.

By the looks of it, she’s probably from Eastern Europe where strong faces and high sex drives thrive. They happen to be the most creative streamers too.

You can call her mature for her age. Her talent in taking the biggest sex toys and plugging them in her ass is a testament to that. You know that those two holes of hers get used a lot.

Her assets aren’t her vital stats. If there’s someone who proves that it’s all in the performance, it’s got to be Tweetney. You just can’t deny how much you focus on her anal shows.

Since she’s young and fairly new, we’d want to start giving her the nickname “anal unicorn.” The reference for that is simple. Aside from her colorful outfits, unicorns are said to be multi-faceted as well.

You’ll see her mostly doing anal but judging by that pussy, it surely gets used a lot too.

Anal fun with Tweetney

Now that we nicknamed Tweetney the “anal unicorn,” it’s just fitting that we emphasize what else she can potentially do. Her anal shows are already a given. What else then?

Reddit already knows too what Tweetney is all about. Maybe they can create threads requesting more from her? She is very creative on her Instagram feed. A Twitch stream is likely in the future. Tweetney on Twitch is going to be very catchy.

Too bad social media streaming platforms are shying away from nudity. It will be very interesting to see Tweetney playing sex games on her live stream. If she can play herself to the point, she can also play sex games to the utmost enjoyment.

Maybe she would do well too if the games will be requested by her loyal viewers. She’s the type that will do your fetishes as long as you pay right. If you see those big dildos she uses, you’ll know that requests do not come cheap.

At least you have more than just anal fun with her. There’s not much of her yet but at the rate, she’s going, it won’t take long for her to build her clout.

We could say that she’s down for anything especially when her anus is involved.

Enjoy Tweetney

Tweetney is quite the cosplay girl as you can see. She’s someone you’d probably bump into a lot if you are an active cosplayer yourself. Just make sure you don’t treat her the same way you see her on PornHub.

Her wild shows are reserved for the internet. One thing you can do is to rally for her to start live streaming games. Girls like these are quite the entrepreneur as they expand their clout through multiple platforms.

After this feature, people are already going to start calling her the “anal unicorn.” Maybe you can request her to masturbate with a toy unicorn while she dresses like one too. She’s creative enough to make sure your anal fetishes are satisfied.

You might be fapping already if you’re an anal freak. We don’t blame you since that is what Tweetney wants in the first place. Otherwise, she could have done something else with looks like that.

Again, she may look older for her age but that doesn’t mean she isn’t pretty. She’s one of the reasons we love to travel to Eastern Europe. Girls like these are just open to trying anything that will make a man happy.

You can call girls like Tweetney the masters of roleplay because they can dress like someone you fantasize about and outperform that someone. So if I ask her to dress like a cheerleader from Bring it On, she’s definitely going to outperform Kirsten Dunst.

I might even send her a DM right now and book a flight to wherever in Europe she is. That’s as long as she says “yes” because otherwise, I’m subscribing to her on OnlyFans.

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