Are you a jaded porn viewer who thinks that there is nothing new to see online? You might be surfing the internet for quite some time now and you think that you’ve exhausted all the available materials.  Well, surprise, think again!  Introducing, something that has never been done by other porn sites around the world.  The service is special not because it is not offered by anybody else.  What makes it special is because a lot of people need this without the knowledge that they need it.

JerkMate is one of a kind adult cam site with a naughty and quirky twist.  Their cam girls are all horny and just waiting for the right guy to go to the site and share an intimate joint masturbation experience with them.  This means that both you and her on a webcam, jerking off at the same time, and cuming at the same time.

JerkMate Promo Video

Masturbate Live On Camera

It could be quite a lonely experience to watch porn videos and jerk off alone. It would be a wonderful experience to masturbate in the presence of someone we find attractive. If your thing is hot housewives and sexy MILFs, you will find a multitude of women like that on JerkMate at any given time. They are all ready to join you in a private session wherein both of you get to masturbate.  It is a great experience having live masturbation in the presence of your dream girl. The best thing about this is whatever occurs in your private sessions is between you and your cam partner. No one will ever find out. No one has to find out.

Never Jerk Off Alone Again

What is your preference?

  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • Caucasian
  • Asian

What hair colour do you prefer?

  • Blond hair
  • Black hair
  • Brown hair
  • Red Hair

What body type do you love?

  • Skinny
  • Athletic
  • Big Body
  • Average

You will be given a selection of the closest matches to your preference. All you have to do is to click and you will instantly be on cam with your dream match.

A Revolutionary Way to Jerk Off

Say goodbye to your days of solo masturbation inside your bedroom with the lights turned off. You don’t need to spend another lonely night masturbating alone with no other company but your computer screen. Jerking off need not be a one-way street anymore, not unless you prefer that. There is no reason why you should continue doing that when there are thousands of hot girls waiting to keep you company on She could be in another location but it will seem like she is in the same room as you when you are jointly masturbating.

Get to meet girls with names like the following:

  • Mia Stoone
  • Alisha Wonder
  • Jessa Bella
  • Hillary Cooper
  • Always WOW
  • Ashley Osborn
  • Peachy Alice
  • Kassie May
  • Violet Kingx
  • Samantha Muller

The good news is that joining is absolutely free. Check jerkmate reviews. This is like a social media site for willing adults who are seeking intimate company to masturbate with.  New members are signing up every week since the offer is so attractive and appealing.  You won’t have to worry about wasting your time trying to find the perfect cam partner.  The objective of every man or woman who joins JerkMate is simple: they want a companion to jerk off with together. You could choose the same partner over and over again or you could go for variety. There are a lot of potential partners on the site you can choose to masturbate with a different partner each time.  You can choose to be horny with your ideal company any day that you like.

A Joint Experience You Won’t Forget

JerkMate works so well because the concept is so simple and has never been offered in other sites before. People all crave for online interaction where they can have an intimate moment with an attractive partner.  You want to be able to connect with another user in a private place and be safe in the knowledge that whatever happens in a chat room is between you and your cam partner.

You can do whatever you like with your cam partner. You are the director of your sexual experience. There will be no questions raised, no discriminations of any form. What the heck, anything goes! You will find a similar user on JerkMate who will share and enjoy with you the activities, fetishes and fantasies that turn you one. You will finally be able to share a passionate experience with your dream partner that you will remember for a long time.

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