Take a Look at these 20+ Fap-worthy Nude Pics of Lauren Alexis!

Best known as one of the stars of the LJ Squad channel, Lauren Alexis has her share of sexy nude pics and photos of summer bikini that she releases via Live Stream, YouNow, and YouTube. This British 19-year-old model already has over 300, 000+ followers on Instagram and maintains a self-titled vlog channel, too.

In this article, I collected some of her best profile pics and nude photos that you’d want to load in your hard drives once you’re done.

A little reminder here, though, Lauren’s pics here are mostly shot with her famous bum sticking out. But hey, I’m sure you won’t get tired of looking at those perfect butt cheeks when you’ve seen this wild collection!

Lauren smoking hot at home

Lauren Alexis bed bum nude pic

Now let’s start with this chick showing off her bum while face-down on her bed. Such a perfect angle focusing on her big ass right here!

Lauren Alexis stairs bum nude pic

How about a side snapshot of this babe by the stairs of her house? Stylish bikini, fierce eyes, one sexy leg on—now that’s some gorgeous sight to behold!

Here we see a pouting Lauren (probably in her bedroom) with her glorious ass sticking out.

By now you’d notice that she usually takes side photos of herself showing her butt cheeks while the lining of those shorts or panties run deep into her ass.

Beautiful, beautiful shot right here, with Lauren spreading out one arm and placing her hand on her waist, revealing some skin from her tied white top, and of course, showing off her nice bum.

How I’d love to get a hold of that juicy ass right now…

Fierce shot we got right here, guys. What I also love about this pic is how her auburn hair flows like a river to her shoulders and slightly hides her one eye, making her look even more seductive than ever.

Get it squattin’ there, girl! Piping hot Lauren in this pic where she sexily places one hand on the wall and sticking out her ever-delicious bum out of that orange shorts. And is it me or that pout of hers just turns me on every time?

Lauren in her bikini

Bikini time! What drives me nuts about Lauren aside from her voluptuous curves and nice big ass is her chic fashion style and her amazing taste in picking her bikinis. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Wow. Just wow. A Lauren Alexis overlooking a beautiful landscape with her bum sticking out is just plain glorious. She wears this hot pink bikini that is tight enough to show off her curves. Love that side boob, too.

A standing Lauren by the window drapes in beige bikini? Why not? Even with only one eye showing, this young model can turn you on with that seductive look.

Another perfect shot that shows Lauren’s amazing ass and the way she holds up her hands to her head while pouting just makes my dick a tad harder.

Ever-sexy shot of this barely legal teen in sunny yellow-laced bikini. Just staring at those eyes with one of her fingers playing with her lip just makes me melt like butter. Oh, Lauren, when can I have a taste of your glorious bod?

Perfect landscape right there for a perfect shot Lauren in a ponytail while she shows off her big butt. You can also see some of those light-colored bikini lining on her skin, which just drives me crazy, if you ask me.

The fun never stops and I just couldn’t get enough of this girl’s yummy ass! Here we see she’s wearing her navy blue laced bikini, and Lauren running her fingers on her lips is really turning me on.

Same bikini, but in a squat position on her bed. I’d give anything to going home and finding this hottie and waiting for me to pound her on my bed like this!

Ah, now we can have a better look at her beautiful bod with this photo. She’s wearing a simple indigo bikini and we see more of her tanned skin and incredible curves.

Sexy black-laced bikini, anyone? I guess any shade of bra and panties goes well with Lauren, and this full-squat position of hers is just one proof of that.

It just gets hotter here the more we dive deeper into Lauren’s hot collection! For the first time we see her clad in a one-piece bikini, still showing much of her big bum.

Here is another one-piece skin-toned bikini that almost fooled me that she’s actually fully naked in this picture. Go fap yourself with this one!

Lauren outdoors and her bum

Now we’re going to explore the outdoors with this adventurous chic in her sports shoes.

The extremely short pair of shorts still reveals a lot of her creamy-white butt cheeks that she takes pride in. I won’t say anything more. Go look at these amazing profile shots taken in beautiful sceneries!

Fully-naked Lauren

And we’ve saved the best for last, of course!

Lauren Alexis fully naked pic

Seeing her completely nude not just satisfy my fantasies of taking her home with me but also really proves how voluptuous her bum is.

Lauren Alexis bum wet with cum

This final profile shot of her butt cheeks getting wet with cum tops it all off. I’m sure you’ve got your eyes locked on it and would want to keep staring at all day long. Don’t forget that bonus side boob, too!

My Final Verdict

Did you have fun jerking off to this girl’s exclusive photos? I hope you did!

She may be young, but Lauren Alexis does know how to project herself well in her shoots and show off her greatest asset—her nice booty.

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