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If you’ve been following sexy YouTube celebrities, then you might be familiar with Alva Jay. She’s an American stylist, YouTuber, and an Instagram star. She became well-known for her lifestyle, health, and weight loss vlogs. 

I guess I’d have to add her to my favorite YouTuber list from now on together with Christina Khalil

Our goddess is from South California, United States, and she was born on May 19, 1993. She’s of Caucasian descent. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Alva’s family as she prefers to keep it private. Well, I think we should respect that. 

Alva started her career in October 2011 when she created her YouTube account and uploaded her first vlog titled “Random Makeup”. She goes by the username candyjellyeyes on YouTube, and she’s famous on social media as a fashionista and beauty guru. This chick usually covers issues about fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty. 

I also remembered her posting a vid titled “Whisper challenge with my husband”. I guess it’s also worth noting that she’s been helping a lot of people lose weight the right way by posting helpful videos about weight loss and wholesome eating. 

Aside from being on YouTube, Alva is also on Instagram. And if you’re like me who’s after those titillating babes, then you might prefer following her IG profile more than her YouTube channel. I bet you’re wondering why. Well, it’s because it’s where she’s been posting her sizzling hot photos. 

In fact, she has a large following on IG. As of this writing, she has a total of 760,000 followers. Alva is also a jewelry designer for her father’s store, and she owns a T-shirt business. Dang — this girl seems to be working so hard! I wonder if she’s still getting some sleep. She might look like a pretty face straight from a magazine cover, but she’s prolly more than that. 

Oh, wait… I think I also have to mention that Alva is happily married to a guy named Ruben Hernandez. She married him when she was onlyl 18 years old after being in a relationship for quite a long time. 

Are you still there? I know you might find all those details boring but I feel like I have to tell you something more about this gal before getting on with the show. You know, so you won’t feel like you’re looking at some random stranger’s body. At least, you know about her and her personal life. 

So yeah, without further ado, let’s get the nude party started!

Alva Jay spreading her legs

Alva Jay nude

I’m starting this with a bang because I think you guys deserve it. I mean, I’ve been blabbering endless details about her a while ago so it might be right to give you the pussy reveal right away. Are you liking what you see? Well, I do too!

Alva Jay mirror selfie

Alva Jay nude

Woah! Those boobies are huge! I bet her husband is really lucky to have her. I think we should thank him for still allowing his wifey to post stuff like this. Well, I think it’d be a crime to hide those goodies from everyone. They deserve to be out in the open. 

Alva Jay tongue out

Alva Jay nude

Holy shit — what’s that? I’ve to admit, I’m having dirty thoughts right now, but I may be right. That doesn’t look like pure saliva to me. It looks like we got a naughty girl right here who’s willing to swallow some of her partner’s cum. Atta girl!

Alva Jay’s delish cleavage

Alva Jay nude

Yes, sure, she might not be naked on this one but I’m sure as hell you’re still having a rock hard package right now. I’m guilty of it too. She might be fully clothed but I can still see her nipples through her outfit. Yum!

Alva Jay’s luscious melons

Alva Jay nude

Oh, wow! She’s wearing the same outfit as what she’s wearing in the previous pic, but she has pulled it down a little to showcase her lovely orbs. I think this shot was taken on Snapchat based on the filter. Maybe she got a premium account there and that’s where these nudes came from. 

Alva Jay’s spankable booty

Alva Jay nude

This girl is slaying, man. Just look at that beautiful bum of hers. It might be nice to see her doing some anal porn, what do you think? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she and her husband decide to join the adult entertainment industry in the near future. 

Alva Jay’s rearview

Alva Jay nude

Alva just knows the right angle for taking a seductive photo. Too bad we couldn’t see her titties on this one. But at least, we can perfectly see her flawless butt. I’d love more of this, please. I think this would be enough to keep me company every night. 

Alva Jay’s close-up pussy shot

Alva Jay nude

Holy guacamole! This one’s a closer pic of her delectable vag. It seems like she just finished masturbating, or she’s about to get started. And not to mention that we also have a great view of her honkers from below. Those are freaking huge, dude!

Alva Jay’s areola

Alva Jay nude

This chick got one big areola and I love it. I don’t know about you, but I like it this way. I mean, her nipples are big enough for her massive boobs. She’s blowing a kiss on this image too and I’m hoping to catch it and keep it inside my pants. 

Alva Jay touches herself

Alva Jay nude

I might have mentioned earlier that this gal is married but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to stroke her clit to climax. She can do it solo anytime she wants or just ask for her partner’s help. I hope a video of her masturbating would leak soon. 

Alva Jay buck naked

Alva Jay nude

Oh, yes, girl — show me your stark naked figure. I bet her husband took this photo for her, and he might be very proud of it. I mean, who wouldn’t even love looking at Alva’s alluring figure? I could stare at it all day and never get bored. 

Alva Jay in high heels

Alva Jay nude

This photo seems to be taken by a pro. The lighting is pretty good, the angle is awesome, and her pose is excellent. I don’t think there’s anything imperfect about this shot. It’s also nice that she’s giving us a great view of her side boob. 

Alva Jay shows her bum

Alva Jay nude

Wait… she’s not wearing undies? Aah… Alva is such a cock-tease! Well, maybe her hubby prefers it that way. You know, so they can have a quickie anytime and anywhere they want. Her partner just has to lift her skirt and thrust his cock inside her — smooth!

Alva Jay’s pussy lips

Alva Jay nude

Now, what is she doing? It looks like she’s inside a car. Maybe she was caught in a traffic jam, and she got bored. Too bad, other people didn’t know what’s going on inside her car. They might be pulling over to watch her do it if only they knew. 

Alva Jay’s massive bazookas

Alva Jay nude

I noticed two things in this picture. First, her gigantic globes. Second, her pretty fingernails. I can only imagine how sexy it’d look like if she starts caressing herself and fingering her twat with those carefully manicured nails. 

Alva Jay squeezing boob

Alva Jay nude

Is it just me or was my wish granted just now? Hmm… it looks like I got my own personal genie listening to me out here. In this pic, Alva is squeezing one of her tits using her red-colored fingernails. Oh, sweetie, you’re making me so freaking hard right now. 

Alva Jay facial cumshot

Alva Jay nude

Do you remember that photo earlier where Alva is playing with some liquid that looks like cum on her tongue? Well, I guess this time it’s confirmed. Our stunning siren just enjoys receiving facial cumshot and this pic is proof. 

Alva Jay topless

Alva Jay nude

Isn’t she cute? She got her breasts out and it seems like she’s telling us to come and get a taste of them. I would love to if only that’s possible. If ever that happens, I’d give those one good sucking till her nipples are erect. 

Alva Jays’y perky boobs

Alva Jay nude

One thing I really like about Alva’s orbs is that even though they’re big, they’re not sagging at all. They’re round and perky which is perfect for some boob-fucking. It also looks like this vixen enjoys using Snapchat filters so much. 

Alva Jay’s naughty snap

Alva Jay nude

Did she cut her hair short? I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t read the text on the photo. It seems like she’s asking her followers if they like her new hair. Well, I’m pretty sure they would, especially if it’s paired with bare titties. 

Alva Jay in sexy lingerie

Alva Jay nude

Damn girl — you’re hot! There’s no doubt about that. Her hubby is one lucky devil for having her say “I do”. I guess this is what she usually wears every night. If I were her partner, I’d be banging her hard till she screams. 

Alva Jay in her pajamas [?]

Alva Jay nude

If this is the new kind of pajama girls wear today, then I might have to get a dozen sets for my future girlfriend. I just want her to look as alluring as Alva in this picture. She’s even pressing on her nipples here which is pretty erotic. 

Alva Jay pushes her orbs together

Alva Jay nude

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll never get tired of this hottie. I mean, she’s the total package dude. She got a gorgeous face, an hour-glass shaped figure, and enormous honkers for you to suck on. 

Alva Jay doggy style

Alva Jay nude

Wow! Am I seeing this correctly? Or am I imagining things because of exhaustion? I know I’ve been fapping my thing ever since this collection started, but man, this looks real to me. In this pic, it’s evident her partner loves screwing her doggy style. 

Alva Jay is a total cutie

Alva Jay nude

Aww, what a cute bra! I can play chess on that if she allows me to. But of course, I’d surely be distracted with those awesome bazooms. I don’t even think I can last a minute without squeezing or kissing her gargantuan breasts. 

Alva Jay naked in the bathroom

Alva Jay nude

It looks like our bombshell is about to hit the shower to keep herself fresh and smelling good. Well, maybe she’s preparing for an entire night of passionate but hard sex. Aah… how I wished I can watch her getting hammered by her husband.

Alva Jay in a fishnet 

Alva Jay nude

I just love ogling at girls in a fishnet outfit as it reveals a lot. Just like in this photo, I can clearly see Alva’s vagina. It might have been even better if she’d be spreading her legs for us, so we can see everything. 

Alva Jay’s jaw-dropping beauty

Alva Jay nude

She really is beautiful and there’s no denying that. I bet she can have any man she likes under her spell. But of course, she’s already happily married so you boys (including me) don’t stand a chance. Maybe in the next lifetime. 

Alva Jay upside down

Alva Jay nude

In this image, you might have to tilt your screen (or your head, if that’s possible) to understand the picture. Or maybe you could just focus on that lovely pussy. She seems to be playing with her clit — yum-yum!

Alva Jay outdoors

Alva Jay nude

Oh, wow! I didn’t know Alva loves the outdoors too! And I really like that she’s wearing some animal-print coat. Well, let’s hope it’s not made from real animal fur. Going back, it looks like she’s flaunting her bubbies outside. What a brave move!

Alva Jay and her dildo

Alva Jay nude

I saved the best for last! Here, you can see Alva masturbating, not with her fingers but with the help of a dildo. Her pussy lips are perfectly wrapped around it and it’s very lustful to look at, dude. I got a good feeling this is going to be an exhausting night for all of us. 

Here’s my final say

So, that’s it everyone! I hope you had your fun while staring at these libidinous nude photos of Alva Jay. 

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