Fap CEO – A Clicker Sim Game

Clicker games are amazing especially when you get to be the boss. That’s something you can enjoy when playing Fap CEO!
The game hits two birds with one stone here. First is your pornographic desires and next is your addiction to clicker games. It will surely unleash both once you start playing.
What’s with this clicker sex game that is so special? Is it being a boss or being in front of all these kinks? Let’s talk about Fap CEO and what makes this game so addicting.

Welcome to Fap CEO


Fap CEO is basically a  Dating Sim mechanic. If you are into online dating and webcam shows, you’ll get the gist of it. The point of this game is to intimately be connected with every girl who works under you.

Each girl has a unique personality which adds to its thrill factor. You’ll need to manage each unique, quirky, and seductive personality that works under your guidance.

The point of the game is to hire girls and lead them into becoming the best camgirls in the industry. You’re obviously the boss here so it’s all up to you on how to grow the company. You also have to start from the bottom here as you climb up the ladder in the corporate side of porn.

Basically, it’s the usual boss fantasies where you are the porn kingpin and these girls have to follow your every command. Just like those pimps you see in movies who gets to choose among their own lineup of chicks.

Game features

  • Realistic sim game where you upgrade girls’ skills to help you earn more cash
  • Unlockable characters
  • Build your own porn office
  • Customizable skills and perks
  • Porn gallery
  • PC and mobile optimization

Gameplay and experience

Fap CEO start

We couldn’t stress out hiring girls for sex a lot because that’s the point of all this. Why else would it be called Fap CEO, right?

The point of it all is to make money as passive as possible as the sexy girls do the work. Of course, to make them fall onto your lap too from time to time.

It’s not about the struggle but rather the sex-filled journey you are to embark on. The porn addicts out there will go crazy over this because it’s literally living their fantasies.

It all starts with your own small studio. You need to fill up your office with cam girls who double as both your employees and your girl toys. They help you build your empire and your confidence at the same time. Digital content is the business you will build an empire on. You actually need to chat with your girls to get to know them more.

You start up with a girl named Amber. She’s your sexy-tary who helps you keep things organized in your porn startup. Amber is basically the executive assistant to the Fap CEO!

You’ll be assigned with daily tasks you need to accomplish to grow your business. As time goes by, you’ll eventually get to grow your team as you take in new girls.

It’s truly a boss feel whenever you pick a girl in a wide employee pool. Their sexy conversations act as their job interviews and their specialties are their auditions.

What we liked about Fap CEO

Fap CEO webcam

Fap CEO gives us the nostalgia feel of the fun 2D animation mobile games which made us feel the need to have smartphones. It’s also the same type of games that made most of us sign up for Facebook as well.

The dialogues are engaging as well. It makes you feel like you are talking to an actual cam girl doing her live show. You can either treat them like a pawn or engage in flirty conversations with the employees. Add to that the jazzy background music and it will make things feel more steamy.

You can even sext with them like a boss. Another good feature about this is you can mentor them into becoming the industry’s best as you help them make extra when you coach them in private shows.

You’re basically like a Hugh Hefner here as you are the CEO and director as you take in raw beauties and help them achieve exposure they only dreamt of while helping you earn.

Final thoughts on Fap CEO

Fap CEO girls

This game is the fantasy of every chump that is tired of their dead-end job and only has porn to keep them happy whenever they go home.

The more entrepreneurial players will use this form of unwinding to practice managing their own business. It isn’t exactly the same as building a business empire but Fap CEO knows the theories that surround it.

Sometimes, we unwind by watching chick flicks to entertain us with comedic sexiness. Fap CEO has that as well as it hits you right in the spot.

The game gives you an idea of what the top dog in the industry is like and the perks of being one. It’s the typical climbing up the ranks too through acquiring talent, selling your business, and building up a bigger one in your road to becoming the industry’s top.

Things are all digital in this sexy clicker game. That means you have the chance to take your entrepreneurship skills to the test as you start with almost nothing. Then, there’s the part where you meet different people and get to know more about them.
The best part is that you get to practice your flirting game as well. These are definitely skills that you can take out there too!

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