20+ American Picker’s Danielle Colby Nude Pics

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History’s reality show, American Picker, caught the fascination of vintage item lovers. However, its tattooed shop manager was the one who particularly caught the eye of the public.

I mean, it’s impossible to miss Danielle Colby. The reality star is one of the most heavily tattooed public figures I’ve ever seen, and one of the hottest too. There’s something about a chick who can endure pain that’s such a turn on. Imagine how kinky she must be in bed if she loves needles that much!

If you’re looking for Danielle Colby nude pics, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered the top 20+ Danielle Colby naked photos right here!

Sexy Danielle Colby Ass Pictures

We’re starting off with a peek at the reality star’s fat ass. She definitely has a knack for fashion, don’t you think?

That’s not a surprise considering her first gig was as a clothing designer at Gorilla Clothing. Here’s the catch — she never trained or studied how to design clothes. Guess it’s in the blood.

Here’s Danielle in a yoga pose in the water, of all places. As if yoga wasn’t hard enough!

But something’s getting harder inside my pants, that’s for sure. I love how her ass is exposed just above the water in there.

Did you know that Danielle is very into energy healing? Yeah, she loves offering them for free to people she meets.

Aside from being a reality star, Danielle Colby is also a burlesque dancer! I love her costume here, if you can even call it one because it basically hides nothing.

Her ass has a nice softness to it that makes me just wanna grab it and rough her up with some good old fashioned anal.

Before becoming the shop manager on American Pickers, Danielle was already a badass. She was used to be a member of the Big Mouth Mickies, a women’s roller derby team.

Her stage name as a burlesque dancer is “Dannie Diesel.” It made her feel powerful whenever she danced on stage.

Well, this posing is like pouring diesel on my fired-up horny side. I can imagine just bending her over as she’s wearing those stilettos!

Look at that ass! Just the perfect thicc ass with some nice curves. Just your average womanly figure. I love fit babes as much as the next guy, but this is such a huge turn-on too. It’s easy to imagine just picking her up at a bar, taking her home, and having a fantastic fuck fests with this tattooed hottie.

Hard to believe she had a conservative childhood, isn’t it? Her parents were strict Jehovah’s Witnesses. Again, confirming my belief that repressed ladies are the kinkiest! Thank god she saw the light.

Is that a bit of pussy I see? Enjoy this close up view of Danielle Colby’s ass! There’s some boobs in there as well, although there’s that glittery thing getting in the way.

For our foot-loving brethren out there, I bet this view is waking up your dick, huh?

Another photo of Danielle in the water! This lady really loves swimming naked, doesn’t she? Not complaining!

But it’s the total opposite of her specialization on American Pickers. She may love swimming in the nude, but on the show, she was an expert on antique costumes. She had pieces from the 1800s in her collection, plus accessories, costumes, and stage props that used to belong to stage legends.

Another look at that round and fuckable butt.

Is that rope or her panties? To be honest I don’t give a damn, because what I wouldn’t give to bang Danielle Colby in this position. Bareback from behind, by the window in full view of everyone? Sign me up!

Daniel Colby Nude Photos

Danielle Colby’s tattoos are her signature. She treats her body like a memorial. Most of those tattoos are apparently reminders about people close to her that already died.

Really sweet of her! And what’s even sweeter are those beautiful boobs she’s hanging on to.

You know what would complete her tattoo? A nice, thick cumshot straight to the chest.

Wet naked Danielle is the stuff of my wet dreams.

Here’s another one for you foot lovers!

Show em what you got! And boy, she’s got a shitload of money. Her estimated net worth is around $1.5 million dollars. I love how her figure is on full display here too!

I’m guessing that’s a vintage flag she’s holding there. Nice sideboob. I’d love to squeeze and suck that while fucking her brains out.

Do we have furries in the house? There’s no judgment here!

She doesn’t have too many tattoos yet here, so you can clearly see that hair peeking out from her pussy.

Danielle Colby with a bit more love handles. Still sexy, especially with those hooters on display!

If chubby babes turn you on, you have to check out Trisha Payta’s naked pics! She’s another media personality show loves getting nude for the entire internet to see!

Take it off, Danielle! You can just glimpse her nipples there. Pretty sweet.

Another butt treat for you guys. This is one flexible babe. I bet she can fuck her way through the entire Kama Sutra without breaking a sweat.

Great view of her pussy! And just the perfect position for some doggy style banging on those marble floors.

Her figure goes from slim to chubby through the years, but that’s part of Danielle’s appeal. She just doesn’t give a fuck. Where most girls would be ashamed to show their bodies, she continues to do burlesque performances, strip, and do nude photoshoots without a care in the world. And that makes her even sexier!

My Final Say

I love “natural” women as much as those picture-perfect Instagram models. Abs are terrific, but so are love handles. If they can work a dick, they’re amazing in my book. Danielle Colby is sexy the way she is, and her body confidence is through the roof! If you want to check out another babe who loves to play with costumes, you should see these nudes of Liz Katz.

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