Cunt Wars: A Sex RPG Card Game

cunt wars

Cunt Wars reminds us of how mobile games looked like before becoming hi-tech. It’s also known as Chick Wars if you like the more wholesome name.

Maybe you’re thinking that it’s a bunch of chicks killing each other like GameBoy’s Advance Wars. Well, you aren’t far from that. It’s more on the lines of Summoner’s War if you play that game.

What’s with this strategy game that gets XXX fanatics hooked to sub-par graphics? Let’s find out then!

Welcome to CuntWars!

CuntWars is a card-based strategy porn game made by hooligapps. Some may think it’s boring just by reading this but isn’t the purpose for the pornographic content?

It’s more for the chase though. Porn games are like that in general. You’ll have to play your way through finding cutscenes worth wanking to. At least it gives you another way of consuming pornographic material. Suddenly, it isn’t just a normal watch and wank.

Before you get disappointed, you’ll surely want to try this game if you wish to shy away from generics.

Desktop and Mobile Optimization

You can pretty much play Cunt Wars from either your web browser or your handheld device. You’ll just need to sign up in order to be able to save your progress. It’s a good thing since you might feel shy that you are playing such a game. Well, look at the bright side. If somebody passes by, all you need is to quickly hit the X button on your browser to close it.

Since you get to save your progress, it’s better to download the mobile version. It’s available for both Android and IOS so that means you can take it with you to the restroom if you wish to blow your load there.

Cunt Wars has good optimization so you can easily switch from mobile to desktop and vice versa. The developer probably knew its going to be addicting so they made sure everything runs perfectly.

Decent graphics and straightforward plot

cunt wars battle

Mobile RPGs rely on having good graphics to keep up to par with the promise of good gameplay. Cunt Wars has made sure you will choose it over other war RPG games of its level.

In the story, you play the character of Adam, a white-haired dude who’s mission is to defeat demons and collect women. Of course, to gain power and get fucked too!

The game is pretty simple to play. There are also unlockable characters to keep the story more interesting. It actually feels like the sex part is just a bonus.

Well, for one, it might be since you’re getting creative graphics that will force you to snap screenshots to share with your fellow perverted friends. Some of the cards include kinky, oral, and anal sex and even other fetishes like lactation and feet.

Just like any other sex game, you also get a Victory card with an image of your character in these images. The scenes depend on the missions you succeed in.

Cunt Wars experience

cunt wars defeat

To be honest, it’s kind of like those mobile games with misleading ads. The ones where you get so excited but find out it’s very different from what it advertises. But the problem is, the game is still good that you get hooked up.

It’s more of a card game with all those sexy fictional characters. I’ve been comparing it a lot to Summoner’s War since the beginning. That’s because your character gets the same abilities like double attacks, defenses, splash damages, and the ability to summon another being.

The goal is to defeat your opponent until they run out of hearts. Winning a battle gives you coins, gems, and experience. You can then use these coins to buy bitches and items.

Another thing you can do with the points you earn in battle is to upgrade your bitches in order to make your cards more powerful. Of course, the more your cards get lewder, the better.

One example is when you upgrade a certain character until she loses her shirt. Then, her boobs are bouncing all around the battlefield. It’s actually where the excitement lies too.

Cunt Wars best features

cunt wars card

Having a storyline to follow is what makes an RPG interesting. The kinky image rewards are what make it exciting. Of course, there’s also the part where you backtrack all your collection in your gallery for your own viewing pleasure.

You can also connect with like-minded people (perverts in general) in various Leagues. You can’t have a card game without testing your deck against others. That means engaging in one on one battles with players and friends online. Of course, you earn gems, coins, and experience from that too.

It actually feels like a normal mobile game if not for the hentai noises and lewd images. Well, it’s part of why they call it Cunt Wars in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Images are fun but they have their limits, especially when it comes to hentai. The game can use some animated sex scenes in the future. We’re willing to sacrifice gigabytes of memory just to have that.

It has already hit a market for RPG card game fans. It adds a new flavor to slaying demons and facing opponents on the battlefield. I might even find myself playing this more if there aren’t any more games to play and review here on PornVideoGame.

As for my final thoughts on Cunt Wars, let’s just say it broke me into the whole RPG card game niche. I usually go for the real-world games but at least Cunt Wars got me.

In fact, I tried playing it when I went to the office restroom earlier. I just didn’t fap since it would have taken me another hour to wrap this all up.

Now, if you are not into wars, why not build a porn empire instead?

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