Jessica Nigri Is on Fire With These Photos!


Cosplayer? Check! Huge boobies? Check! Wow, Jessica Nigri can be one of my favorite cosplay chicks from now on together with the adorable and sexy Belle Delphine

When I saw some of her photos while browsing the internet, I immediately felt the need to get to know her better. And according to Google, her fame started in 2009 when she attended the San Diego Comic-con wearing a cute Pikachu outfit. After that, she also cosplayed other renowned video game and anime characters like Final Fantasy X-2’s Riku and Gurren Lagann’s Yoko Littner. 

The reason why I fell in love with this goddess was because of her fun and playful personality, her fantastic costumes, her cute smile, and of course, her enormous tits. 

In my research, I also knew that she spent her younger years in New Zealand and only came back to the US when she was 12 years old. 

Aside from the fun facts I learned about Jessica Nigri, I also found something more awesome, and I’ll be excited in sharing them with you today. I hope you’re ready because what I’m about to show you can make you hard down there if you know what I mean. (wink! 😉 

So without further ado, here they are… 

Jessica stark naked

Jessica Nigri

Well, I wanted to begin this compilation with a bang! 

I have to admit that I actually tried looking for a more impressive photo than this one. You know, a pic where Jessica is spreading her legs for the camera; unfortunately, I didn’t find any. 

But hey, at least this one revealed her pussy too. I know that this is only a front view of what she has between those legs, but what’s important now is I know what it looks like. 

Jessica in a porno

Jessica Nigri

Wait… before you make some violent reactions about this image, let me clear something up. 

First, this is a fake photo. Second, I don’t care if it’s edited. 

Since I can’t find any legit pics or vids as intense as this one, then I think this will suffice. After all, this is the closest one I can get to see her getting ravaged with a huge cock. I think this will be more than enough to fuel my imagination when I need to fap on Jessica.

Anyway, I heard that there’s a GIF format for this pic. That might be worth checking out as well. 

Jessica’s nude derrière

Jessica Nigri

Want to know a secret? Alright… here it is. The first thing that I usually look at a woman’s body is her bum. And man, Jessica has a gorgeous butt. I would love to spank that, given the chance. Not to mention she got a curvy body that many gentlemen would go crazy about. 

I really love how confident this chick is in flaunting her body. That said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she might do something kinkier in the near future. 

I mean, look at her man. This goddess may have a lot to offer when she enters the adult entertainment industry. 

Jessica’s naughty photoshoot

Jessica Nigri

Well, what do we have here? Oh, this is a collage of some of Jessica’s pics from different photoshoots. If there’s one thing I could say about these images, it’s that this girl can slay any hair color and hairstyle

And dude, no matter what she does, she still looks smokin’ hot! 

Oh, how I envy those photographers during her shoots (if they’re males) for having the opportunity to see her in the flesh. Do you think I should apply as a photographer’s assistant or something? Yeah, I guess I should give it a shot— it’s a rewarding job just getting up close and personal with these heavenly creatures.

Jessica in a Santa costume

Jessica Nigri

This chick definitely has a passion for cosplaying and she doesn’t even mind wearing revealing outfits

I bet if she’s going to be Santa’s assistant, he’d be banging her whenever he got the chance. Or maybe that’s just me. 

Jessica’s enormous boobies

Jessica Nigri

Aah… what a lovely pair of tits! I could stare at these all day. They look more erotic up close but of course, I’d still try to zoom in on this photo to get a closer look. 

Although I can’t see her face, I have a good feeling that this is really her. If we’re going to base on the size of her breasts, then I think there’s a huge possibility. 

Here’s my final say

Did you have fun ogling at these naughty photos of Jessica Nigri

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